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The Single Person’s Guide to Basic Cooking Skills

Ideas for the novice cook on how to make basic meals after a busy work day. Some pointers on making cooking easier, too.

Food Dehydrator Buying Tips and Uses

How do you buy a food dehydrator? What are watts on a food dehydrator? More importantly, why own a food dehydrator? Well in this article you’ll learn a little more about all 3 questions and why they are important and why you should consider owning a food dehydrator.

Oze Barbecue – Outdoor Fire, Food and Fun

My earliest recollection of a barbecue was that of a brick unit, set well away from the house, sheltered by a massive ghost gum that provided shade and some protection from the elements. The design was pretty basic, a firebox built under a rectangular steel plate with a flue at the rear that drew the fire into a short chimney and sent smoke spiraling in a heavenly direction.

Cooking With Essential Oils

Experiment with essential oils to wake up your taste buds when cooking. Learn how to use essential oils to add distinctly new tangy flavors, impress your dinner guests or to simply add more pleasure to your next edible dish, drink or snack.

Cooking With Your Eyes

People first taste their food with their eyes. Studies have shown that people prefer mediocre food that looks good, compared to good food that looks mediocre.

Finding Cooking Information Online

Having the right knowledge when it comes to cooking can lead to better cooking and improved cooking skills. The knowledge needed may be as close as your computer.

Once a Month Cooking

Once a month cooking can really help you if you are busy, you need to save money, or you just want the peace of mind of knowing the food for dinner is already prepared. Here’s some tips to help you organize yourself.

Sharpening Knives and Other Tips for Caring for Your Kitchen Knives

Proper care of your fine stainless steel and forged kitchen cutlery is easy if you follow a few simple steps. This article outlines some basic techniques for ensuring a long life for your kitchen knives.

Top 14 Tips for Better Barbecue

Below is a list of the 14 most important things to watch when slow smoking BBQ. The tips in this list are things that BBQers seem to have the most problems with.

Thai Rice – The Common Names And Cooking Tips

With so many names and types of rice (white, long-grain, Thai, jasmine, cargo) choosing the correct one for your Thai meal can be a challenge. Learn some inside tips on cooking and the different kinds of rice.

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TOUGH CUTS can only be made tender by moist heat, as in pot roasting and stewing. Our main object is to prevent shrinkage in so far as possible, and produce a tender, juicy, tasty product. In roasting, searing does little to help keep in juices, less shrinkage results at a lower temperature for a longer time (300 F). Searing however makes the meat look attractive and the outside layers taste better.

5 Bread Maker Recipe Tips

5 Great Tips to spice up your bread

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