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Soft Tofu Is Smooth And Silky

There are numerous differences between soft tofu and firm tofu. Soft tofu has a smooth and silky texture that makes it ideal for many purposes that firm tofu cannot be used for. Using soft tofu in your diet, will permit you to make healthy adaptations of some of the most unhealthy dishes.

How to Make a Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

It’s pretty easy to make a vegan breakfast smoothie. There are so many variations, that this how-to article will just be a series of suggestions.

Decorating Cakes, Icing And Baking

If you’re looking to become a master cake decorator, you already know the road ahead of you is paved with constant training and practice. But once you get proficient enough to whip out works of art as fast as they leave the oven, you’ll know you’ve reached level of skill few ever enjoy. Everyone, the novices and the experts, want their cakes to look great. So in this article I’ll give a few tips you can use on your own decorations.

Picking a Pepper That’s Not Too Hot

There are over 100 varieties of chili peppers from Mexico alone that you can use as a spice. Picking one that is not too bland, nor too hot is the real challenge. Since too hot is a subjective ranking, here are most of the pepper varieties you’ll find in your local grocery or nursery.

5 Best Stand Mixers for 2011

Find the best stand mixer for your needs. Don’t do anything until you read our top 5 list.

Some Wacky Cake Decorating Ideas And Themes

When you bring a cake to a special occasion like a baby shower, birthday party, or wedding, no doubt you’ll want your cake to stand out above the rest, drawing praise and accolades. Unless you’ve got a pathological fear of receiving attention and compliments, or are a government spy trying to lay low. In which case a bland, dull cake is your safest bet.

How to Make a Fruit Salad

Here’s the secret about fruit salad: it’s easier than you think. No cooking involved, the pots and pans, and it is fast and easy to do. The simple rules are…

Some Cake Decorating Tips And Ideas For The Novice

Did you know that the first cakes ever to be baked in the USA were just little loaves of something they called “sweet bread” because it had stuff like cinnamon and sugar in them. Now you can go out into any city in America, and find a store that sells a quadruple layered, multi-colored cake that’s topped off with frosting. Talk about developing into a world power!

3 Tips to Cut the Calories on Your Favorite Cookies

If you are looking to cut calories but still enjoy cookies, here are three easy tips you can use to change your cookie recipe into a healthy cookie recipe. Make your cookies recipes both healthy and enjoyable!

Your Guide To Tossing In Fresh Greens For Your Salad

Is your salad boring to your eyes and bland to your palate? Not anymore. Salad greens and lettuces and not necessarily greens as in light yellow frisee, deep purple flowering kale and red Swiss chard, are widely available in food stores and are meant to be tossed raw.

How To Mash Potatoes Using The Best Way

The fluffiest mash is made from floury, mealy varieties but these potatoes are the ones that tend to explode in the cooking and invariably have bullet-like insides. Best results come from cooking even-sized potatoes in cold water that is brought to the boil, the pan partially covered and then the water allowed to boil lightly until the potatoes are cooked.

How to Make and Use Edible Decorations to Create Unique Candies

Candy decorations are wonderful ideas to help simple candies look fun and unique. This article takes you on a general introduction to making and using these sweet enhancements.

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