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The Many Uses of Olive Oil

As a product and consumer good Olive oil is an extremely special and versatile for many different uses and preferences. This oil is made from the fruit of the olive tree and this oil is produced globally, but has its highest concentration in the centre of Europe. Spain is the world’s largest producer of this type of oil and has twice as much olive tree than in Italy, who is the second largest oil producer in the whole world.

How to Learn Indian Cookery From the Comfort of Your Own Home

There is a game that many of the talk show hosts use in their shows called – ‘I say a word you give me a substitute’. If I say spices, you will say Indian food; of course there are vegetables, different herbs and some fruits too that are employed in Indian cooking.

Healthy And Affordable Meals That You Can Make Quickly Any Day Of The Week

When you are watching what you eat it can be a real challenge to get through lunchtime. Fast food is convenient, but hard on your health. A restaurant can be detrimental too with so many calories.

The Pitfalls of Overcooking Your Food

The methods you use to cook your foods can make a big difference to the nutritional value they contain. We all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy, but it must be remembered that vital vitamins and nutrients are destroyed by subjecting them to very long and very hot cooking processes. Heat changes the chemical makeup for vitamins and minerals, breaking them down so there’s much less left for your body to absorb.

Traditional Southern White Gravy

If you love those Southern breakfasts why not learn to make the traditional country breakfast gravy that is used for biscuits, steaks, French fries and virtually everything else? Biscuits and gravy have been a staple in the diet of many individuals and families in the South. Some people call it Sawmill gravy, White gravy or simply Cream gravy.

Quick Cooking Tips and Techniques

There is nothing like a good cooking tip when working in your kitchen. Here is just a small list I have put together for you. I think you will enjoy them… Happy Cooking!

Preparing The Food of a Meal to Be Served at the Same Time

One of the most difficult things about cooking a meal is having everything ready at the same time. The first thing you should do is write down the cooking times for each of the items you will be cooking. (Remember there is some time for preparing the item as well.)

How to Make Meat/Poultry Gravy

Although it is fairly simple to make, many home cooks have a difficult time making flavorful, smooth gravy. With a little practice, you can turn out homemade gravies in as little as 10 minutes. It is the perfect touch to complete your dinner. Besides, who doesn’t like gravy?

How to Easily Boil an Egg

Years ago, I remember being away from home and my husband calling asking me how to cook a TV dinner… his words were “How do you light the oven;” well needless to say panic set in and that is when I decided to teach him a few basic things to cook. So I will start with the simplest thing I can think of… boiling eggs.

Tips For Freezing Fruit

Some fruits you would never think to freeze, like bananas. But bananas can be frozen and so can quite a few other fruits.

Practical Tips on Food Preparations

Aside from water, shelter and air, food is one of the basic needs of man, an important element for survival. It gives us strength, energy and vitamins to sustain us in all our activities and work everyday. However, not all of us can afford to have all the nutritious and delicious food in the market. Some individuals do not even have the chance to eat three times a day or even to have sumptuous and delicious meals even once a day.

Good Cooking Tips

Have you ever made a recipe and it came out disastrous? Did you ever consider why? Well here are some tips that are imperative to good cooking.

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