Vietnamese-Style Baguette With Beef | Gordon Ramsay

This easy to make sandwich recipe combines French and Vietnamese cuisines to create a wonderful mix of flavours. Simple and delicious.

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If you’re like most people these days, you’re very rushed and tired at the end of the busy workday. Thankfully, you’re living in the 21st century rather than in the days when preparing food was anything but convenient. Women spent the majority of their days in the preparation of meals. Those days are gone and now you have options.

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No doubt about it, convenience foods are convenient. Sometimes, though, convenience foods taste bland or one flavor prevails. You do not have to give up on convenience foods. Adding an extra ingredient or two can change the flavor of quick fix foods and make them taste homemade. Even better, you may add ingredients from your heritage.

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Versatile, Delicious, and Healthy Alaskan Cod

Both healthy and delicious, Alaskan cod is a natural treasure of the Northern Pacific. Broiled Alaskan cod served with white truffle oil might be on the menu at your local fine dining establishment. High quality ‘Fish and Chips’ dishes also make use of that incredibly versatile fish, genuine Alaskan cod. Harvested off the 34,000 mile Alaska coastline, cod usually weighs in between five and ten pounds. It’s a whitefish with a distinctively large flake and a slightly sweet flavor. Its moist fillets maintain a firm texture and when cooked take on the color of the Alaska snow.

Alaskan Salmon – Nature’s Gift to the World

In Alaskan salmon have been an integral part of diet for as long as people have inhabited the Land of the Midnight Sun. The state fish is the King Salmon, called Chinook by Alaska Native peoples. Chinooks and other varieties roam the icy and pristine waters around the 34,000 miles of Alaska coastline. Swimming wild in their protected natural environment ensures they retain the superior flavor, firm texture, and bright color that make genuine Alaska salmon an internationally acclaimed fish.

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Alaska halibut is mostly harvested from May through September, but still available year round. A naturally lean fish, it can still grow to an incredible size, usually weighing in between 35 and 50 pounds but sometimes tipping the scales at well over 300 pounds. Only fished on long lines to ensure sustainable availability, Alaska halibut reaches its full flavor potential in the pristine cool Alaskan waters. From that point it’s only a quick delivery away from becoming a quality meal of halibut tacos.

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