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Chef Knife Sets Or Different Individual Knives – Which To Consider When Buying Chef Knives?

Most people that are either skilled in the kitchen, or professional chefs know the importance of having good quality knives. These are the essential tools of creating culinary masterpieces, and fine dining quality gourmet dishes. But a question always arises, should I have one complete set of knives that are the same brand or maybe have a hybrid collection of individual Chef Knives like a Henckel knife here and a Wusthof knife there?

Terms and Techniques Used in the Kitchen

Here are some kitchen terms and the meanings for them, so they may be helpful to you when trying to understand the cookbooks on today’s market. They may come in handy to help understand the terminology that chef’s and pastry chefs use in the kitchen when describing items or tasks.

5 Fun Kids Cooking Activities

Do your children like to spend their time making awesome mud pies or are they constantly stirring up some of their best grass soup? Then maybe it’s time to let them loose in the kitchen with these fun kids cooking activities.

The Secrets to Making the Perfect Sushi

SUSHI it is a plate of Japanese origin with rice cooked decorated with vinegar of rice, or homemade sushi vinegar and sugar. This preparation is very popular and you can get it world wide and is the most popular food in Japanese gastronomy. The most of the people associated sushi with seafood or raw fish but, you can also find vegetables or egg, or even deep fry sushi and cook food can also accompany the rice.

How To Cook Rice

In the early 1970s one of the first celebrity chefs hit the TV screens of Australia and Great Britain in the form of Graham Kerr, ‘The Galloping Gourmet’. Kerr was a leader in stripping away a lot of the over-complicated cooking methods still being peddled in many cookbooks. His teaching premise was as simple as his recipes – learn a basic method first and everything else will follow.

The Care and Cleaning of Kitchen Knives

Wondering how to care for your kitchen knives? This article will provide you with information on how to keep your knives in good shape.

Some Handy Signs for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a very busy place. As the control center for creating meals for everyone in the house I have found a few well thought out signs posted about the kitchen are a great help when preparing foods. Use a sign to help you remember what state things are in such as a clean/dirty dishwasher magnet.

Tips on How to Bake Bread

Did you know that there are benefits, other than having hot bread straight from the oven, deliciously smeared with butter, which makes the time and effort worth all of the work? It is part of history and is a great way to relax. It forces you to take time from your overworked schedule to knead the dough.

Italian Balsamic Vinegar For Luxury Recipes

There is a pleasure that has never known, and will never do, a decline or a negative trend: the pleasure for good food and good drinks. For some people food is not a matter of survival nor a relieve valve to their rage or frustration or sadness, but a matter of culture.

Why it is Vital to Create Appetizers For Your Family?

When people talk of appetizers, they usually relate them to parties and other social events. Appetizers are definitely used for such occasions but they could also be used every day.

Teach Yourself How to Make Bread

Preservatives are bad for your health. Many people try to avoid foods filled with preservatives, but it is not an easy thing to do. You can take it a step farther and make your own food.

Using Your Oven to Make Great BBQ

No need to fire up your propane or charcoal grill. Your oven can be used to make delicious BBQ! You can achieve a smoky charred flavor without having to use a smoker or by having to char. You will also be able to attain tenderness and juiciness using your oven.

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