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Fried rice in a pan or wok? Both! We got you covered. Gordon Ramsay’s co-mentors Richard Blais and Nyesha Arrington take your day-old rice to the next level with two amazing fried rice recipes. Richard uses a wok to cook us Chinese inspired fried rice while Nyesha brings us Korean inspired fried rice in a pan. But will Uncle Roger Approve?

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*Nyesha’s* *Kimchi* *Fried* *Rice*
_Makes_ _2_ _servings_
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil
1 fresno chile, minced
4 ounces Chinese sausage, diced
2 cloves garlic
1 1-inch piece ginger, peeled
2 cups leftover rice
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 teaspoons fish sauce
½ cup kimchi
1 bunch scallions, sliced

*Fried* *Egg*
1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
2 eggs
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper

1. Make the fried rice: In a large skillet over medium heat, add the oil. Once the oil is shimmering, add the chile and sausage. Grate the garlic and ginger into the pan and stir to combine. Let the mixture cook until the sausage just begins to caramelize.

2. Move the aromatics to one side of the pan. Add the rice to the open space and gently flatten to fill the pan. Increase the heat to medium high.

3. Let the rice cook until it begins to pop, then drizzle in the soy sauce, sesame oil and fish sauce. Add in the kimchi and mix everything together, quickly shaking the pan to make sure everything is well incorporated.

4.Fry the egg: In a small skillet over medium high heat, add the oil. Once the oil is shimmering, add the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Let the egg fry until the whites are set.

5. Add ½ of the scallions to the rice and toss to combine.

6. Plate the rice with the egg on top and finish with the remaining scallions.

*Richard’s* *Chinese* *Inspired* *Fried* *Rice*
_Makes_ _2_ _servings_
4 tablespoons sesame oil, divided
1 small carrot, grated
1 pound prawns, peeled and deveined, diced
2 large cloves garlic, chopped
1 1-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated
1 fresno chile, minced
1 bunch scallions, greens sliced
2 cups leftover rice
¼ cup frozen peas
2 large eggs, whisked
Kosher salt
2 tablespoons soy sauce
Chili oil, for serving

1. Place a wok or large skillet over medium high heat. 2 tablespoons sesame oil to the pan and once it is smoking, add the carrot, prawns, garlic, ginger, chile and ½ of the scallions. Toss the mixture while and let cook until the prawns begin to turn pink.

2. Add the rice and peas to the pan and toss to combine. Gently spread the mixture to the sides of the wok, leaving an empty space in the center.

3. Add the eggs to the center of the pan and season with salt. Use a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to help bring the mixture together and cook the eggs fully.

4. Drizzle the soy sauce over the rice and toss to combine.

5. Plate the rice and finish with the remaining scallions. Serve with your favorite chili oil.

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