Tuna macaroni easy to cook and yummy 😋

Onions – Something We Can’t Do Without

People often ponder what the ingredient you can’t live without is -my choice would have to be onions. Onions have been used in recipes for thousands of years. They are the second most important food crop behind tomatoes, have a universal appeal, are safely consumed by most people and are used in recipes from all over the world. They make many savory dishes better and have lots of other benefits as well. You can always get them, they store well and they are inexpensive given how long they take to grow.

The Art of Cooking the Perfect Omelette

You can either serve or eat an omelette or you can serve or eat THE omelette! The difference between a good omelette and an ordinary one is quite staggering considering that we are talking about the same and simple ingredients… eggs and some seasoning, maybe a filling of herb, mushrooms or cheese. But, it still is just a quick dish made out of eggs!

Simple and Healthy – Frost Bite: 8 Time-Saving Ideas Using Your Freezer

Recently, I made a video tour of my pantry. OK, I know that sounds a little strange. Allow me to explain.

Tips on How to Clean a Popcorn Machine in the Right Way

If you run a movie business or a small snack shop, you would need to offer popcorn to your customers to promote your business. To do that you need to buy a popcorn machine which is by far the most efficient tool to make popcorn. It does not need much manual effort and it produces a lot of popcorn at one time. However, to maintain the machine you need to wash it frequently; otherwise its service age would be reduced and the popcorn would become less tasty. What follows are a few tips as to how to clean the machine in a desirable way.

How To Bake The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been baking the same old chocolate chip cookies, long enough to build a business from its own secret recipe, building a huge customers base and still growing fast. So here are some tips that I am very sure will make your cookies turn out perfect!

What Makes Something a Finger Food?

While delicious foods are truly gratifying in every occasion, one of the things that add life to a gathering is a big platter of finger foods. You don’t want to make anything too difficult to hold and eat while everyone is chatting, so you prepare something delightful to bite and eat with hands which really helps keep things organized. Even if you’re short of time, you can still enjoy making these little party wonder food ideas without resorting to pre-made items.

Butter, Margarine or Oil? Which Is Best for You and Which Is Worst?

It depends on you. Are you on a low fat diet or are you looking to just eat better with no saturated fats? Each has pluses and minuses. In this article I will show you the benefits and hazards of butter, margarine and oil and which one is best for your health.

Simple Yet Tasty Clam Dishes

Seafood is very popular and for good reasons. It’s low in fat, healthy, and tastes great. Many popular types exist depending on where you live, including lobsters, Morton Bay bugs, scallops, shrimp, oysters, tuna, cod, and many more. My favorite are clams.

Lamb and Vegemite

Before starting my career at the abattoirs I attended Charles Sturt University in Albury NSW. University life can be difficult especially if attending university away from home. The simple things that an adolescent takes for granted suddenly become all consuming.

5 Baking Mistakes a Newbie Makes

It is no secret that many first-timers are intimidated by baking. After all, the tedious measurements may be too much for a casual cook who’s rather used to measuring by a pinch. Newbies might constantly be asking themselves simple questions in the process of baking. How hot should the oven be? Can I use low-fat milk instead of cream? When do I take the cupcakes out of the oven? It’s time common mistakes were laid out to help pastry amateurs avoid them the next time they decide to take to the ovens.

Cooking The Perfect Steak

Steak is one of the meals that most people look forward to. Whether cooked on the grill or on the stove, there are certain things that you can do to help ensure that your steak is cooked perfectly. This can make the difference between an “OK” steak and one that can be cut with a fork and almost melts in your mouth. What are some tips and tricks that you can follow to cook the perfect steak for your next steak night?

Learn to Cook

Cooking, like everything in life, takes lots of trial and error. Burning several dishes is part of getting better. All the best chefs start on the same boat.

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