Training and Cooking with the Royal Marines | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon is known for being a fitness fanatic, but can he handle an assault course with the Royal Marines? And can they handle how delicious his beef curry is?
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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Food Done Right Vs Food Done Not So Right

Boiling food diminishes flavor, makes the food mushy and removes flavor. Please read on to learn a little bit more.

Italian Calories – Why You Should Not Worry About Them

People eat Italian foods with so much gusto – pizza, pasta, Panini, ravioli. Name it, and everyone loves it. Yet at the same time, several people freak out at the thought of the so-called Italian calories attached to these sumptuous foods. They beg off from some delightful dishes, because of the much-talked about calories that offer extra baggage, specifically to weight-watchers. But are we really supposed to be worried at all?

Italian Recipes – Northern Cuisine Vs Southern Cuisine

Some may not be aware that the cultural variety of the regions in Italy is greatly manifested in Italian cuisine, apart from its Italian history as influenced by the Roman, Greek, Arab, and Norman civilizations. For this reason, Italian recipes are said to be in variety, too, like the mixed regions that comprise the country.

Microwave Cooking – Tips For Using, Cooking, and Cleaning Your Microwave

The microwave oven has certainly made life easier, especially for households like mine where both parents work outside the home. We want our meal times to be fast and easy, while remaining healthy and affordable. Our microwave oven is one of the appliances that help us spend less time in the kitchen.

How to Cook Fresh Lobster

The traditional way of cooking fresh lobster is by boiling. More and more people today are choosing to purchase their lobsters pre-cooked, but the reason why people still prefer to cook their own is because after cooking, the texture of the flesh turns very spongy rather quickly. So if you can, buy live lobster and and do the cooking yourself at home to achieve the best results. Here’s how to cook fresh lobster.

5 Easy and Simple Ways to Stop Wasting Your Food Dollars

Studies have shown American families throw an average of 14% of their food budget in the trash each week. Spoilage from improper storage of food items accounts for most of it. Fourteen percent per week comes to $21.00 of an average $150.00 food budget for a family of four. When added up over a year, 52 weeks times the $21.00 equals $1092.00 of your money going to a landfill.

Top 10 Meal Preparation Secrets For Immediate Time-Savings

Do you want to cut time in the kitchen by half, and still enjoy tasty, healthy meals? Do you want to reduce overwhelm and frustration while preparing dinner? Here’s the top 10 list for easy time-saving tips for immediate results. The list encompasses many areas from tools, packaging, and how to cut, so start with whatever you find easiest.

Taste the Difference! A Cedar Plank – One of the Ultimate Barbecue Accessories!

Barbecue accessories have also become a popular sign of summer with many stores stocking up on stainless steel spatulas, silicone marinade brushes, rotisserie attachments and even different varieties of charcoal. However not all barbecue accessories have to be store bought. One of the most enjoyable, flavorful and economic barbecue accessories available is a simple cedar plank!

Joy of Cooking – Understanding the Joy of Cooking

Should chefs or any related profession be the only one to appreciate the joy of cooking? This hardly seems the case because from the earliest periods man has since discovered the joy of cooking. The history of cooking is very rich and colorful. This activity has evolved several times and in this article, you will know how.

How to Make Healthy Recipes For Kids

If selling real estate is all about location, location, location, then when making healthy recipes for kids, it’s all about presentation, presentation, presentation. You can talk all you want about all the essential vitamins and minerals and complex carbohydrates, etc, etc that a food contains, but when a child is looking at a mixed bowl of fruit, all they see is ‘yuck’. The key to getting children to try healthy foods is to present it in a fun and imaginative way.

Parts of a Kitchen

A kitchen is where people prepare meals for themselves or other people. The parts of a kitchen are the scullery, the prep areas, bread room, store room, meat room, the lunch room and the office.

Culinary Salt – How Much Do You Know About It?

Salt has been around for a millennium, being used as a preservative for food, especially meat. The harvest of salt is dated back to around 6000 BC from the surface of Lake Xiechi in China. Salt was also one of the funeral offerings found in Egyptian tombs. The Romans used salt as payment to soldiers, hence the term “salary” from the Latin root for salt “sal”. Today, it is used in various industries but the most common form in which salt is known to the public is culinary salt.

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