The Funniest Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

Some of the funniest moments with Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares.

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How to Select Fresh Fish

I am often asked by friends how to tell if a fish is fresh but rarely are they brave enough to trust their judgment. Cooking a whole fish is its own reward so I’ve put together this simple guide to have you selecting the freshest fish in the market!

All You Need to Know About Cooking Meat

With regards to cooking meat many people might place themselves below average, as they don’t get the taste they expected before started cooking any specific meat dish. But believe me cooking meat dish is not difficult. Any kind of meat like steaks, veal, beef or even chicken and turkey are very easy to cook if you follow the guideline that I will provide in this article.

Learning How to Cook With Wine

For centuries, wine is being used in cooking. There is evidence that ancient Greeks and Romans used wine as an integral part of their cooking.

What is the Secret of Perfect Cooking?

Cooking is a method whereby heat is used to get different types of foods ready for consumption. There are many different methods of cooking.

Fun Pizza Ideas

Living in New York is a great thing, especially since I have easy access to what so many people say is the greatest pizza in the entire world. Just about every commercial neighborhood has a pizzeria every two or three blocks. So, of course, I have enjoyed trying all the different slices and styles that there are.

Pots and Pans Can Inspire Dreams #2

After I wrote about a daydream I had while looking at a cast iron pot, I started to think that I have been around so much cooking all my life and all the history that goes along with it. That cast iron pot, which belonged to my wife Patti’s Gramma is on top of a group of cabinets in our kitchen.

Wood Or Plastic Cutting Boards – Which is Best?

Many of us are seriously concerned about controlling the spread of bacteria in our kitchens. This is only good sense when you know that 5000 people a year die of food poisoning, and that one single cell of E. coli can divide into 68 billion new E. coli cells in a measly 12 hours. When you’re up against something that tenacious, prevention is everything.

How to Cook the Best Corn on the Cob

A summer meal wouldn’t be complete without fresh corn on the cob. The problem is, most people overcook it, making it soggy and tasteless. If you have been having trouble figuring out how to cook the best corn on cob that features crunchy savory goodness, than try these simple cooking tips.

Cooking As an Exact Science

Cooking may appear straightforward. In fact, your mom does it all the time, several times in a day.

The Top 5 Things You Will Need in Your Kitchen

In case you are having their first go cooking than go through our beneficial guide on what gear you’ll need in your kitchen that could save you time and money. Cooking food can be entertaining if you have everything required.

How to Cook the Best Rice

Cooing rice, a staple food in many parts of the world, needs just the right amount of water and heat. A slight miscalculation will get you nothing but a sticky and lumpy mess. With the right tips, you can easily get a properly cooked fluffy rice.

How to Cook the Best Uncooked Shrimp

An Shrimp dish can be easily considered for cooking. It is cheap and offers a variety of serving options. And what better way to enjoy than cooking your own dish…

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