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Unique Cake Decorating With Flowers

Learn how to use flowers as a cake decoration on all your cakes! Learn how to use Artificial Flowers, Real Flowers and Sugar Glazed Flowers. Make Beautiful cake creations every time!

Digital Thermometers

Reviewing the different types of digital thermometers and their culinary uses and how to select digital thermometers.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixers – a Kitchen Work Horse

Kitchenaid stand mixers are very popular in today’s kitchens and it is easy to see why. These stand mixers have stood the test of time and have shown themselves to be kitchen work horses.

Pyrex Mixing Bowls – a Kitchen Favorite

Pyrex has been around for almost 90 years. Over 75 percent of households in America own at least one piece of Pyrex.

Digital Kitchen Timers – Never Burn Another Dish

Digital kitchen timers come in many shapes and sizes. Timers are an indispensable tool in the kitchen.

Herbs and Spices – the Essence of Flavor

Without variation, even the best of food eventually becomes bland and boring. The trick is to build in endless variation with the use of a few well chosen herbs and spices.

Buying, Storing, and Preparing Apples

What to look out when buying, storing, and preparing apples in your cooking.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a BBQ

BBQ as we all know is an abbreviated form of barbecue or barbeque. The BBQ has assumed so much importance today that you could call it the crown. You could ideally locate the BBQ near the main cooking area to derive maximum utility. Here are 7 things which you could consider before purchasing an ideal BBQ.

Homemade Whipped Cream

Most grocery stores carry cans of whipping cream ready to spray onto your favorite desert. Some of these cans even come in chocolate flavor. But, instead of choosing to use canned cream how about whipping your own.

Buying, Storing, and Preparing Apricots

How to buy, store and prepare apricots.

How to Choose the Right Smoke for the Right BBQ Dish

Do you know whether oak works with seafood, or if orange wood tastes good with beef? Here’s a quick guide for which woods go best with each type of BBQ meat.

Roasting Meat – Temperatures and Times

Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, I still see recipes that insist you should cook meat at high temperature for the first twenty minutes or so to seal it and then lower the level for the rest of the cooking time.

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