Squid dishes recipe or my pusit recipe

Sushi Maker

For those who love sushi, the sushi maker is a necessity. Previously, in order to make a good sushi roll a person had to be very patient and well practiced. Now, plastic sushi molds make sushi rolls quick, easy, and professional looking.

Air Powered Popcorn Makers and Their Benefits

A summary of air powered popcorn makers and their benefits and disadvantages. The tips and tricks for using these machines at home.

Quick And Easy Way To Boil Lobster

Since I was a kid I loved the fresh, crisp taste of lobster. I’m sure you do as well or you would not be here. So lets jump right into it.

On Cooking Fish

Cooking fish is perhaps one of my favorite things to do. As a chef, with around 20 years of experience in the seafood restaurant business, I have had the luck to work with hundreds of varieties of, and many many different ways of cooking fish.

How to Spice Cauliflower – Easy Recipes for Healthy Flavorful Eating

Like most vegetables, cauliflower is good for you. But how do you make it more edible? Here are some easy ways to spice up and prepare cauliflower.

5 Top Tips for Conscious Cooking

Is it possible that food is only to be viewed as a means to an end? We need to eat to survive; end of story. Or is it? There was a time in days gone by when we were more in contact with what went on with the food we ate before it reached our mouths. The old ways meant being wise and resourceful when it came to food because this was the difference between seeing it through the Winter or not, for food or a lack of it, was a matter of life or death.

How to Make Homemade Paneer for Your Dinner Party

As a type of compressed cheese, Paneer sounds exotic and traces its origins from the colorful country of India. It’s exotic nature is reflected in its tangy, lemony flavor, which is perfect for making delicious party dishes for your dinner or house party. Although made using compression to separate the water from the curdled milk, Paneer looks and feels like cottage cheese when served fresh and like tofu when served as cubes fried or cooked in a soup. In general, dishes with Paneer may be served with sweet or dry wine, cold beer, or apple cider to round out its fruity flavor.

Ideal Spices for Cooking Up Delicious Mexican Meals

Native Indian and Spanish influences combined to create Mexican food preparation methods and flavors. The range of flavors is third in the world, behind China and India. Spices create distinctive Mexican dishes.

Make A Healthy Pizza

Pizza can be healthy. You need to start with the right ingredients. This article makes some healthy suggestions. Despite what the internet says, Congress did not in October 2011 declare “pizza a vegetable.” Congress, however, did declare that the tomato sauce could be considered a veggie. There are other ways the pizza can be enhanced and made healthier.

Tips for Adding Kale to Your Diet

Kale is one of those “mature” vegetables; you probably never even heard of it as a kid when your veggie repertoire consisted of just broccoli, peas and cabbage. It stands out as a power veggie because of the incredible amount of nutrition packed into each curly dark green leaf. Due to the nutritional benefits, it is definitely an option that can help to improve your diet and overall health. Read on to learn ways you can add kale to your regular diet.

Get the Most Out of Your Rolling Pin

Handled or not? Silicone, marble or maple? French taper or straight? There are many questions when purchasing and using a rolling pin. Many of the answers you know already. It all depends on what you like to bake, and how you like to bake it.

The Ten Best French Toast Toppings

French toast by itself is quite bland, making it the ideal bare canvas on which to put a range of toppings. When you learn the art of how you can make French toast, you’ll need to pick the ideal mix of toppings to ensure your recipe really stands out. It’s the combination you select that will set your recipe apart from others. Here in no specific order are our favourite French toast toppings.

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