Simple at masarap na tinolang saloyot with chicken😉🤪🤪🤪

Does Knowing Where Your Food Comes From Make It Taste Better?

The majority of us buy our food from the supermarket as it is quick and easy which suits our busy lifestyles. The shops sell ready-made meals you can either buy fresh or frozen, that you can simply put in the oven or the microwave, cook, then serve it up on the plate ready to serve a few minutes later. These ready meals can vary in quality and in flavour, depending on the price and the ingredients, but to some, even the best quality ready meal will just not do.

Baking Recipes – Some Special Baking Tips and Ideas

Find some of the excellent baking recipes for making cakes and other eatables. You can follow them and make cakes and other food items that would turn a simple affair of cooking into a memorable feast.

Is Your Diet a Little or a Lot SAD?

What is a SAD diet? The SAD refers to the Standard American Diet and its outcomes are indeed SAD. If you want to know what foods to eat for health, the SAD is not for you, however the opposite – The Wellness Diet has massive long term health benefits. Which would you rather and what foods promote wellness?

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Guest-Ready!

It can be tiresome trying to maintain a clean kitchen. Even if you order in most nights, it can add up. Let me help you; I make all of our meals fresh and from scratch, and I have a seven month old baby on one hip while I do it!

Cooking Perfect Japanese Rice Without a Rice Cooker

Japanese rice is great! I eat it with everything these days, even things you wouldn’t expect to go with it. It’s truly versatile and has replaced bread and potatoes for me as my staple carbohydrate. As well as being delicious, contrary to popular belief, it’s also really easy to cook perfectly! You don’t need a fancy rice cooker to make excellent Japanese rice (though they are great for keeping your rice warm so you can eat it later). Here’s how I cook Japanese rice in the absence of a rice cooker. It takes about 5 minutes of preparation and 25 minutes to cook.

Choosing the Best Side Dishes for Pork Fillets

Have you ever wondered what to serve with an incredible pork fillet recipe? If so, you’re not on your own. I will share some tips on selecting a side dish, together with a couple recipes to go with a pork fillet.

How to Sharpen and Hone Your Chef Knife

Knowing how to sharpen your knife is an essential skill every chef must have. This is because a sharp chef knife is one of the chef’s most essential tools, since a quality cut helps preserve the true flavors of the ingredients used. Cutting with a dull knife can damage the ingredients and change their taste and appearance for the worse. A dull knife can also injure the chef because it is more prone to slipping when cutting food. The best chefs end their workday by sharpening their knives and may even sharpen the knives again just before they use them.

How to Brunoise Onion and Shallot

Learning how to brunoise can be a very painstaking and difficult process that takes a lot of practice to perfect. Brunoise is a chopping technique in which you dice food into very small cubes measuring around 1mm to 2mm and is an important part of French cooking.

How To Chop Thyme And Rosemary

Knowing how to chop herbs is an essential part of being a good chef. Herbs can greatly enhance the taste of food, but when they are not chopped properly, it can affect their taste as well as their appearance.

How To Chiffonade Basil And Mint

“Chiffonade” is a French word for “made of rags,” and is a popular cooking technique in which herbs or leafy green vegetables are sliced into long thin strips, which are used to garnish and flavor dishes. When you chiffonade, it is essential that you have a very sharp knife to avoid tearing or damaging the leaves. You may also need to practice a few times before you achieve the perfect chiffonade.

How To Prepare Mirepoix Vegetables

Mirepoix vegetables are an essential part of French cuisine. Mirepoix is a combination of finely chopped onions, carrots and celery, with a proportion of 50% onions, 25% celery and 25% carrots, which is used to add aroma and flavor to soups, stocks and other foods. They are typically sauteed with butter before the other ingredients are added, and herbs and cubed meats may be included with the mirepoix. But mirepoix may also be added once the dish is finished, in order to refresh its flavors.

Important Tips on How To Avoid Food Poisoning

Would you like to protect your family from food poisoning? Are you aware of the factors that can cause food poisoning?

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