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Highly Nutritious Hearty and Warming Indian Lentil Stew

Indian spices make for the wonderful aromas as this stew cooks. Served over a little rice, this dish makes a complete protein, along with the benefits of the Vitamin A in carrot and sweet potato. The staunchest meat eaters will love this stew.

Want Flawless Rice? Use the Dutch Oven!

If you are familiar with my writing, then you know that I am in love with my enamel cast iron Dutch oven pot. Yes, I brag about this cookware, and today is no different. This pot is the best thing to use when cooking rice.

Cooking Oil Recycling – What Is the Importance of Recycling Used Cooking Oil?

Overview of the impacts of grease disposal and the importance of cooking oil recycling. Tips on how households and businesses can properly dispose and recycling their waste oil.

Making Naan Bread for an Exceptional Indian Meal

Naan bread has become quite common in the US these days, and relatively easy to find in groceries. In India, Naan is traditionally made in a clay tandoor oven not commonly found outside of restaurants, and so is less commonly eaten in the home.

How Can You Control The Spread Of Bacteria In Commercial Kitchens?

Bacteria can multiply quickly and the presence of harmful bacteria in food can be the cause of serious illness. This article gives a simple overview of how their growth occurs and some precautions that can be taken to avoid this.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Food Poisoning In A Commercial Kitchen

Food poisoning from harmful bacteria is an avoidable problem. This article explains how to handle food correctly during the cooking, cooling, defrosting and hot holding processes.

How to Roast a Bell Pepper

Roasted bell peppers are like seven dollars a jar at the store. Now, you can learn to make them at home with this easy to follow recipe, and it will only cost a couple of dollars.

Karuizawa: Summertime Fun

Essay on a good place to stay, good foods to eat, and great getaways in Japan. Welcome to Karuizawa where the best of Nagano Prefecture comes together.

Super Soups – Three Soups You Can Make Using Leftover Ham

We all have a ham now and then, usually for holidays. Here are three delicious soups to make using leftover ham, with or without the ham bone attached. If no leftover ham is available, smoked ham hocks make a wonderful substitution.

Can Good Sunflower Oil Be Affordable?

There are many sunflower oil manufacturers out there in this world. Some do their utmost best to provide the consumer with a quality product while others just provide a standard product. If we consider this statement, can we really expect to get a quality sunflower oil product at a low price?

How to Tenderize a Steak With Salt

Steak is one of the best red meats at any dinner table any night of the week… that is… so long as it’s tender and juicy. One of the problems with buying meat in bulk, freezing it, or just buying a cheap cut to save money is rubbery texture that makes fillets hard to chew.

Tips for Making Regular Cake Recipes Gluten Free

Tips and tricks on making most cake recipes into gluten free options are sought after by any with gluten intolerance. Most recipes for cakes are easily converted just by substituting a few ingredients, with amazingly delicious results.

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