Sambal dry anchovy fish

Asian Inspired Food Made Healthier At Home

Take out Asian food can be a quick and easy fix when you are pressed for time. It is not the best choice you can make. To cook Asian style foods at home can be a healthier choice and is quick and easy to do once you have a little practice.

Bake Pops – Move Over Cakes, Bake Pops Are Here To Stay

Are you planning on having a children’s party for your daughter’s birthday? Would you not like to make it a colorful, enjoyable, delicious treat for the children?

World’s Most Popular Cakes

Cakes are probably one of the best inventions in the world. Perhaps the best invention since sliced bread – and not before because many cakes are reliant on bread for their mixture.

The Problem With Using a Springform Pan When Baking Cheesecakes

Why springform pans are typically used when baking cheesecakes and how to bake a better cheesecake by improving on this method. In this post you’ll learn some tips on how to make a better cheesecake!

Organic Vs Nonorganic – Eating Well Without Eating Organic

Often buying organic is not an option, because many families cannot afford the higher prices. So what can you do to eat healthier without breaking the bank? Here are some things to think about when trying to eat healthier, yet affordable foods.

Say Hello to Healthy and Hassle Free Cooking

Cast iron cookware is the latest buzz all around as people are now understanding the benefits and features of using these units. They are available in wide range and variety.

Break Up Winter Monotony With A Make Your Own Pizza Night

If you have a case of the winter blues, then try hosting a make your own pizza night. You can break up the season by enjoying a fun evening with your friends and family.

How to Make Delicious and Cute Cake Pops

Cake pops are cute and delicious treats and are great alternative for traditional cakes. They are specially great for any kind of parties. There are thousands of options how you can make your cake pops look and taste like. But how to make them? Everybody has seen those cute little cake pops at Starbucks. Next I’ll explain how you can make your cake pops look just as cute at home.

Cooking for the Single Woman in Baja

My background includes cooking as much from scratch as possible. Growing up in an age when health food and bulk came back into fashion has been a large influence in how I cook and eat. This is all supported by being in Baja.

How to Store Olive Oil

Olive oil is sensitive to air, light and heat. What, therefore, is the best way to store olive oil? The following are practical ways to ensure that you receive most health benefit by keeping your olive oil away from air, light and heat, thus ensuring that it keeps as much of its nutritional value as possible.

Healthy Ways and Some Unhealthy Ways to Cook Salmon

The health benefits of fish are well documented, as evidence by the American Heart Association recommendation of eating at least two servings of fish per week for a more healthy heart. Salmon has received accolades as one of the premier varieties of fish to eat for health reasons. It is at the top of the list as a food that burns fat.

How to Have a Coffee Themed Kitchen

Have you always wanted an Old World style kitchen with a coffee shop theme? You can do it in your own kitchen with only a few tips. Read on. You can make your kitchen classy, elegant, or very simple, but a coffee theme must include the basic model… a coffee atmosphere; inviting, accessible, and pleasant to the eye. Only a true dyed-in-the-wool coffee lover is brave enough to take the plunge, and create a beautiful, warm, and inviting coffee atmosphere that will incite rave reviews. If you are confident, go for it!

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