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Pure Water and Fine Tea

Tea originated in China 5,000 years ago and the selection and brewing of tea has been refined to an art with health and spiritual aspects emerging as part of the process. The best water for successful tea infusion is low in mineral content, free of contamination and additives and high in oxygen content.

How to Cook Tender Moist Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a busy cook’s best friend. They can be thrown together for a quick nutritious dinner or lingered over at a leisurely brunch. Because eggs are so affordable they are a great asset to families on a budget.

Avocados the Perfect Fruit for Guacamole or Milk Shakes?

The avocado is a pear shaped fruit that can also be known as an alligator pear. Avocados are grown in warm temperate climates with the average avocado tree producing around 120 avocados a year.

Dandelions for the Kitchen

Edible dandelions (not the type growing in the grass) are packed full of nutrition and can be a valuable assest in the kitchen. Dandelions contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, potassium and iron. Because of there high vitamin content dandelions are a perfect addition to a healthy diet.

The Lazy Cook’s Secret Ingredient

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to give a new lift to old favorites? Or worrying over how you can tempt those picky eaters? Try keeping sheets of frozen puff pastry in the freezer…

Cooking Tips for Chicken : Fast and Time Saving

Boneless chicken breasts are your best bet for quick-cooking poultry. They can be a little pricey compared to buying the whole bird (especially if you buy even more expensive cuts, such as breast pieces trimmed into strips or nuggets), but the time savings are well worth it

Types of Wheat and Its Flours

Wheat are classified based primarily on color, hardness of the kernel, and time of year the wheat is planted. There are also physical and nutritional differentces between whole wheat and white flours.

Different Kinds of Kitchen Knives

Find out all about kitchen knives and which one may be the right one for you!

How To Remove Lobster From The Shell

This provides a guide on the right way to remove lobster flesh from the shell.

Kicking Up the Flavor of Vegetables with Dry Rubs

When you are not a big fan of vegetables, it is difficult to imagine actually enjoying them when staring at a bunch of green beans on your plate. There is a solution though, and it comes in the form of dry rubs.

Recipe Inspiration

If you’re tired of the same old thing for dinner, maybe you could use some inspiration. Tim shares some of his tips for creating new recipes.

The Procedure to Make Basic Gelatine Jelly

Come and learn some easy step preparing gelatine.

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