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Salmon Lovers Choose to Keep it Quick

Some foods can really handle the abuse of untrained cooks well, showing little difference in taste and texture between the undercooked and way overcooked varieties. Salmon, however, is not one of those foods, and it is important to know how long to cook salmon when buying it at your supermarket or local seafood market.

Another Great Salmon Option For the Dinner Table

We Americans just don’t get tired of salmon: we buy it in every imaginable form, whether fresh or canned or frozen, and we prepare it in every possible way, from raw to cooked through. Thanks to the sustainable fisheries of Alaska, it looks like there are going to be countless more generations of salmon harvests to come, meaning that we will continue to have the privilege of this exquisite culinary treat being served up in our local stores for the better part of the year.

To Get the Most Flavor, Put Your Salmon Over the Flames

There are few things as popular as a good barbecue: there’s always one going on every weekend, every sunny day, no matter where. Perhaps it is because grilling is one of the most ancient cooking methods known to man; there is something instinctual that comes out in each of us when enjoying a grill out.

Keeping Your Salmon Juicy and Delicious

Everybody is dying to eat salmon, and of all the ways that salmon arrives in our supermarkets and seafood markets, people are hankering for salmon fillets more than anything else. Thanks to Alaska’s sustainable and rigorously managed fisheries, we get fresh salmon brought in to our markets-even in places well on the other side of the continent from our northernmost state-for the better part of the year, meaning that salmon fillets are to be had in quantity for a long stretch during the salmon season. With the fame of this fish being what it is, many people want to know a little bit more about how to cook salmon fillet, and how to avoid drying it out, making it lose its form, etc.

The Fresher it Is, the Tastier Your Salmon Will Be

We have salmon at our disposal for just about the entire year at most major supermarket chains, but fresh salmon is only available for part of the year, and what an incredible bonanza is set off when the first fresh salmon fillets of the season arrive at the marketplace. The succulence, the juiciness, and the fantastic taste and texture invite our senses to a virtual stroll through heaven, and all the more so when it is fresh Alaska salmon you’re talking about. Nonetheless, it is essential to know how to cook fresh salmon before committing any potential blunders, as it would break any true salmon lover’s heart to see a perfectly good salmon fillet or salmon sacrificed on the altar of culinary inexperience!

The Most Abundant Fish in the Sea Also Makes a Great Meal

Of the many variety of Alaska seafood, there is one that is more abundant than all the rest. Known for its snow-white meat and lean texture, the Bering sea Pollock is the most plentiful species of Alaska Seafood. With its mild taste and beautifully flaking fillets, its abundance is only matched by its versatility.

Fish on a Slab of Wood, a Taste You Won’t Forget

Using cedar planks for grilling imparts any fish with a sweet and smoky flavor. It also prevents over cooking, making it an excellent choice for enjoying delicate salmon or whitefish. Besides that, planking fish gives you a stable surface to put the fish on without having to worry about it falling through the grill.

Plank That Salmon – Mouth-Watering Planked Salmon Recipes

Cedar plank salmon is a method of cooking salmon that has been used for hundreds of years. It gives your salmon a natural, rich, smoky flavor, especially when the salmon is slow cooked. Your family and your guests will love the great taste of this specially made salmon.

Nothing Like a Louie Lunch – Easy and Classic!

For many people in the Northwest, there is nothing that says summer like Alaskan shrimp louie. With just a few ingredients, you can serve a colorful dish to your friends and family. For good reason this seafood dish is a classic menu staple. However, if you are in the mood for an updated version of the dish’s original simplicity, there are variations that you can try, though often minimal. The flavor of this dish is dependent on the quality of the shrimp you use, so be sure to use the freshest and best you can find.

Experience the Pleasure of Home Cooking

Eating Fast food like pizzas, burgers, and soft drinks as a daily meal is a common phenomenon for many people who lead a hectic lifestyle and do not have time for proper home cooked food. But now, emphasis is being laid on avoiding fast food and switching to Home Cooking and wholesome, healthy food.

Save Money With Recession Dining!

In these times of financial trouble families are looking for more ways to save. Try these recipes for dinners that cost less than a movie!

BBQ Basics – The Simple Stuff

I have received a lot of questions that just deal with the basics of barbecuing and I thought that I would answer a few of those. Sometimes we who have been doing this for so long might not understand some of the terms and words which we use. So I thought that I would address some of those issues.

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