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Quick Ways to Enjoy Salmon

Are you getting your daily fix of salmon? Today everyone seems to be obsessed with eating well and living healthy. You go to the gym, take yoga classes, eat organic vegetables and meditate. At least, that is the ideal. In the real world, you lead a busy life and you probably just barely have time to do a thirty-minute session on the elliptical machine let alone cook homemade meals.

The Key Principle to Create a Solid Recipe For Red Lobster Biscuits

Have you been trying to create your own Red Lobster restaurant biscuits? Then welcome to the club! With thousands of aspiring gourmet detectives trying to recreate these biscuits for ourselves, you’re in good company. Just remember the cardinal rule…

Making Gluten Free Pizza

It is no secret that pizza is a favorite food of millions of people. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from celiac disease are also fans of pizza. Pizza contains gluten though, so many celiac positive pizza fans think that they can never taste this delicious food again so they give it up forever.

Tapping Into Your Wall Spice Rack to Make Incredible, Restaurant-Quality Meals

Eating out on a regular basis is not only expensive it can be unhealthy! Armed with a stocked spice rack, and a bit of cooking knowledge, you can make low-cost meals that rival the restaurant. A basic knowledge of cooking procedures and a familiarity with common spices can make all the difference between eating out of a can of something unhealthy and dining on a delicious, healthy meal.

Cooking Pasta – Do’s and Don’ts

There are myths about how to cook pasta that are just that! Myths! The purpose of this article is to put them to rest so people can enjoy better tasting pasta.

Best Stainless Steel Skillets – What is the Best Skillet For Your Kitchen?

What to consider when looking for the best stainless steel skillet to use in your kitchen? Many manufacturers offer different size skillets and some have a nonstick coating and others are not coated. Depending on the type of dish you are trying to prepare will determine whether you should use a nonstick or uncoated stainless steel cooking surface.

The Big Freeze – Understanding and Cooking Frozen Salmon

Not many of us are fortunate enough to eat Alaskan seafood “fresh” from the water. With Alaskan shores so distant from most American homes, virtually all seafood that we consume has been frozen. The “freshness” of seafood, however, is really an indicator of its quality, flavor, and texture, not of how recently it came out of the water.

Summery Salmon

There is no better way to freshen up a cold, dark winter day than by cooking up your favorite summer tastes. Fortunately, the rich flavors of Alaskan salmon freeze and keep exceptionally well, allowing you to enjoy it even in the depths of winter. It’s important to limit the fishing season in order to ensure sustainability, but that certainly doesn’t mean there is a limit on the eating season!

5 Tips For Kitchen Survival

Necessity may be the mother of invention but creativity has to be a second child or at least a cousin. I knew we couldn’t afford a new oven so it was time to find ways to utilize the other appliances in our home to meet our needs.

Caring For Clay Bakers

Clay bakers require a little extra or at least more specialized care for a long and useful life in the kitchen. The following is a list of common practices and common don’ts for clay baker use and care.

Quick and Tasty Salmon Preparation

Wild salmon is the perfect option for almost any meal. The question is just how to cook salmon fillet in order to coax the fish out to its full potential. The light flaky flesh melts in your mouth and partners well with anything from grilled vegetables to garlic mashed potatoes.

Electric Range Cookers

Being one of the most important and elementary kitchen appliances of modern times, the Range cooker is arguably an important part of one’s culinary accessories. There are various types of electric range cookers in the market today, some with single oven, some with double oven and some having a combination of an oven and a grill.

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