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Beef Caldereta and Beef Pochero – Comparing Filipino Cuisine to North American Cuisine

Having been in Asia for two years now, I have acquired a taste for many mouthwatering recipes and have realized how bland North American cuisine is. Filipino dishes have become one of my all-time favorites. This is primarily because the ingredients used are remarkably similar to those of Canada and the United States. However, cooking them in a unique mixture of spices and sauces, they become stewed to perfection. Two recipes I recently cooked are Beef Caldereta and Beef Pochero. Both recipes are delicious and capture the unique taste of the Philippines. Below is a description of each accompanied by the recipe itself. I strongly encourage readers to try these recipes and compare them to North American cuisine. Please share your opinions.

Easy and Delicious No-Bake Cookies

If you’re in a hurry and want to make delicious cookies without the wait, or risk of burning them, no-bake cookies are a yummy option. Here are some sure-fire recipes for no-bake cookie that will be a hit with everyone.

Cooking For A Crowd On A Budget – Dessert and Coffee

The finishing touch of cooking for a crowd can not be left to chance. Here are some great tips to finish strong.

Cooking For A Crowd On A Budget – Hot Meal

Three different chicken styles all on a budget. This is how you get it all on a budget.

Cooking for a Crowd on a Budget – Side Dish

The side dish for feeding a crowd on a budget tends to worry many people. When feeding a crowd you can not just give them meat. The meat eaters will argue that you can but having vegetables as a side with any meal is a sign you are giving them a complete meal without cutting any corners.

5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Child How to Cook

Teaching your child how to cook is one important task that every parent or every mother should do. Generally, the best teacher that a child can have in the kitchen is the mother. Kids by nature are very curious with almost anything.

Cooking For A Crowd On A Budget – Appetizer Plate

Filet Mignon, Greek Cheese, and Proscuitto Ham can be served on a budget. Powerful tips to feed your crowd.

The Secret of a Great Sautee

Great food is such a comfort! And you will be surprised at how relaxing making delicious dishes is. Almost everyone these days is interested in learning how to cook. You can take note of how culinary schools are sprouting everywhere.

Cake Decorating Expert

Cake decorating brings obvious pleasures – it looks beautiful, it enhances the flavor of the cake, it gives the cake a ‘wow’ factor and adds to a sense of occasion, and delights everyone everywhere with anything approaching a sweet tooth! And so to be the agent of that beautiful decoration, the person capable of turning a basic cake into a tower of beauty and artistry, brings immense satisfaction and fulfillment. Receiving the thanks and praise from family or friends or colleagues as we product a gorgeous cake for some special occasion really makes you glow.

Protect Your Meat: Improve Your Meat Freezing Technique

Are you always having to toss frozen meat due to freezer burn? Well, I say “no more”. By adding water to my freezing process I have eliminated freezer burn from my life. In this article I show how you can too.

Adjust Recipes and Learn How to Create Your Own Dishes

Adjust recipes you already know how to prepare to open the gate to creating new and exciting dishes you can call your own! The more you follow these simple steps the better cook you’ll become and the more dishes you’ll create.

Kitchen Organization Made Easy

Kitchen organization makes life easier. Less time is required to find a tool, utensil or food product. You’ll also have more room. Get started today on your kitchen organization tasks.

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