Ramsay Can’t Handle Being Served APPLE JUICE Risotto! | Hotel Hell

Who puts apple concentrate in a risotto!?

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There is a common saying that cooking isn’t rocket science, which is absolutely true. Everyone can cook, and if you have little imagination, you can soon come up with the innovative recipes of your own.

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Home canning has been a part of our family lifestyle for as long as I can remember. When the harvest was complete and preserved in our family cellar I loved to be the one to give the final count on the fruit of our labors – peaches, pears, applesauce, beets, green beans, strawberry jam, and….PICKLES! I loved the pickles.

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It is a fact that we live in a fast-paced world but there are no shortcuts to giving proper nutrition to your family. Cooking at home for your family ensures that your family’s health requirements are taken care of.

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Provided vegetables are treated properly, they will freeze particularly well, retaining more flavor and goodness than by preserving in any other method. Learn the four basic rules dealt with this section and you cannot fail. Blanching, chilling, packaging and correct cooking.

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Good food is not the only thing that keeps you healthy and hearty. There are many other factors attached to your health. Factors like how you cook your food and how you eat it are also very important. Super foods are too good for our health but the effect that super foods or even simple foods will have on our body also depends upon how we cook them. There several ways to cook any food.

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