Ramsay Cannot Believe the Owner Steals His Own Staff’s Tips! | Hotel Hell

The greedy owner takes his staff’s tips and Gordon can’t take it anymore.

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Muffins – The Baking of Your Comfort Food

Muffins are widely seen to be served on the dining table but not everyone is familiar with how to bake this comfort food. These “sinful-icious” little cakes can be mouthwatering when it is baked to perfection.

Baking With PET Baking Cups

In the olden days, baking paper or lining parchments are used as the lining to prevent the cake from sticking to the tin. It was then replaced by aluminum foils and cups but the cost is relatively higher than baking paper. And today, PET baking cups appears to be the next hit!

Pulses Are a Budget Buster

When times get tough more of the cheaper cuts of meat and budget dishes are served to try and conserve money. Pulses are eaten the world over and can be the cheapest source of protein available, they are very convenient with nothing going to waste. Ranging from beans on toast to lentil curries legumes are a tasty and nutritious alternative to meat.

Pork Loin – 3 Easy Steps For Pork Roast Fit For a King

If your pork loin roasts are the subject of family jokes then you need these 3 easy steps so you can cook pork roast fit for a king.

Holiday Dinner

It’s the holidays and you need to cook for your family and relatives that stop in from all over the country and you do not have a lot of money. So it is time for shopping to pick up what you need for the holiday dinner. You can make a great big nutritious dinner that does not cost you a lot of money. Here are a few tips to help you save money on the food you need to buy without losing the flavor and without cutting down on the amount of food you need to prepare.

Let Your Freezer Be Your Friend

If you work hard during the week, the last thing you want to do when you get home is start cooking a meal. If you plan ahead, you can make life a lot easier. When you have time, cook up big batches of dinners and fill the freezer with them.

Canning Fresh Green Beans – A Step by Step Guide-Recipe

Canning fresh green beans is very easy to do provided you have the right equipment. Here is a list of what you will need to can your fresh beans.

Beans – Cook Them in Your Favorite Recipe Today

Facts and tips about using beans. They can be cooked, fried or used directly from the can and added to your meal.

Food Processors and French Cooking

Many Chefs have created different food processor methods to take advantage of the flexibility of all the accessories and attachments. You can now find recipes on everything from Ice Cream to Salsa. There are cookbooks dedicated to using the food processor to make just about any type of meal or dish. I’ve even seen a recipe for homemade soap!

Bosch Mixer & Blender, Meat Grinder, & Food Processor

If you have ever browsed through an antique shop and seen the hand mixer used by our grandmothers, you wonder how they ever made do with it. Then along came the electric hand mixer, and we thought what a wonderful invention. Next came the mixer on a stand and we thought how wonderful, both hands are free to measure, pour, etc.

What is the Difference Between Basic and Gourmet Cooking?

Personally I am a basic cook. Several months ago I decided to try cooking a few gourmet meals. Initially, I was intimidated. Gourmet cooking was out of my comfort zone. After cooking a few gourmet meals I discovered that gourmet cooking can be quick and easy.

That Little Something Extra

When I am talking about that “little something extra”, I am talking about how simple flavours add so much to recipes. During a dinner party this last week I prepared some of the easiest appetizers with a little edge on them.

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