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Microwave Bacon Cookers – Easy Way To Cook Bacon

There are a variety of devices in the market today that are dedicated to cook bacon in microwave. However, they still do not cook bacon according to our specification. We shall begin by investigating these microwave bacon cooking tools. Before we commence, we need raw bacon and a microwave cooking device. At this point, we may question why do we still require a microwave cooking equipment when we can cook the bacon by merely placing it on the microwave oven’s pan. Now the answer is obvious. The fundamental and obvious benefit of the microwave bacon cooker is the elimination of oily waste. In addition, it heats the strips to crispy finish.

Cooking Oils – The 4 Types To Choose From

We all know that most of us eat food that can actually improve our health, but, it is always important to cook the food in the best possible way. There are many oils and other butter products in the market that have the ‘Best’ tag attached to them. One should always know which he must use, and which he must avoid.

Your First Vegetarian Holiday Season – Some Great Cooking Tips

If you have just gone vegetarian and are coming up to you first vegetarian holiday season, or if you find yourself cooking for a vegetarian this holiday season this is the article for you. The holiday season seems to be the most meat oriented time of the year and a daunting one for new vegetarians or those cooking for vegetarians.

Cast Iron Pans For Your Catering Business is a Good Choice!

The question might arise in your mind as to what kind of pans to buy for your catering service. Now there are a few things you should know before coming to any decision. Professional chefs consider cast-iron pans precision cooking tools. That is primarily because they are dependable and ensure precise control of cooking temperatures.

Using Herbs in Your Cooking

A simple meat or fish dish can be transformed with addition of a few carefully selected herbs. Herbs are the simplest way to add taste and create flavor without spiciness. In particular, herbs can be used to liven up vegetable dishes, and we all know we should really be eating more of those to get our “5 portions a day”!

Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes For ESL Learners

For many Americans, sweet potatoes are a traditional part of the Thanksgiving dinner. If you come from another country, you may not be familiar with this vegetable. Here’s what you might like to know.

St Patrick’s Day’s Recipes – Holy Cow! Now That Was Tasty!

All Irish people wait for St. Patrick’s Day as that is when you will find all the good Irish cooks preparing their favorite dishes. Well this is what happens in my family as all the women vie with one another to create the best dishes. If you are not Irish then you will not understand this but if you are then you will know what I mean. It is on St. Patrick’s Day that old the old grandmothers recipes which have been handed down traditionally from generation to generation is prepared and presented at the dining table. This is one day when age old traditions are remembered and followed.

Low-Cost Healthy Cooking – Great Ideas To Cook An Inexpensive Yet Healthy Meal

This article provides some tips on inexpensive healthy cooking. Most people can’t have a healthy cooking because it has been known that most healthy foods and food ingredients are expensive. This article tells you otherwise. It gives you some tips on how to have a healthy cooking but still staying on your budget.

Dinner Ideas For Those Who Are Short on Time

Many people don’t have a lot of time to cook. They have a lot of other things to do. Between work and school and other activities they’re lucky if they have time to stop at a fast food joint much less prepare quality meals at home.

Authentic Italian Food – Debunking The Myth That It Is Fattening

Italian food has got a bad reputation among the health conscious because it is thought to be fattening. In reality Italian food can be the basis of a healthy diet. Italian food is the part of what is often referred to as the Mediterranean diet that has been shown to be good for weight control and heart health.

So You Want to Be a Caterer?

Is it your dream to become a caterer? You can be a caterer with a a little help. Just jump in and get started!

A Guide to Dehydrators

Welcome, time to look at dehydrating now, it used to be popular in olden times where I think they probably called it “sun drying” and I believe it was big in the wild wild west for they dried out strips of beef to make “jerky”. Now what they stumbled across was a way to preserve food while locking in the nourishing nutrient content, unlike cooking which is too harsh and hot, destroying enzymes, protein and other goodness.

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