parang nasa probinsya lang ako dito sa saudi

kahit nasa ibang bansa tayo hinahanap natin ang buhay sa pinas Kay nag tanim ako ng mga gusto kung itanim sana supportahan niyo ako sa akin munting youtube channel maraming salamat sa inyo g lahAt

Tips For Getting Out of the “Menu Rut”

Now that more people are more focused on other things like work, it’s not easy to plan and execute a healthy menu. Dinner recipes can be hard to come up with day after day, meal after meal.

A Few Meal Planning Tips For Busy Moms Everywhere

Many people don’t have a lot of time to cook. And here’s one reason: a lot of people simply don’t cook well (or at all). Not really surprising when you take into account that they have a lot of other things to do. Sometimes fast food is their only alternative in the midst of a busy day.

Holiday Dessert Shortcuts From Some Real Experts

I was having lunch in my favorite Thai restaurant last week while waiting to discuss an order for hand embroidered Thai shirts for employees, and I had the privilege of being seated near enough to a group of eight ladies that I could clearly overhear their conversation. After the usual ice-breaker conversation about how everyone was and how things were with their respective jobs, one of them asked, “So, what’s everyone doing for the holidays?”

Great Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is over and now you have a ton of leftovers. Either you cooked the turkey or whomever did sent you home with a fridge full of goodies. In addition to turkey you may have items such as leftover stuffing and potatoes. Even cranberry sauce and gravy.

Specialties Call For Buying the Right Food Dehydrator

Specializing in drying certain foods may mean that people are specializing in buying the right food dehydrator for the job. Picking up a food dehydrator on the way home from work or ordering a food dehydrator without knowing anything about it may mean people are not buying the right one for the food they are drying.

Meal Planning For Families

How many times have you stood gazing into the fridge or pantry wondering what you are going to make for dinner? Your family is hungry and hovering. What to do? Meal planning is one option. It’s not as hard as you think.

Baking Information For Beginner Chefs

Baking can be an intimidating process when one is first learning. Images of smoke pouring out of the oven and rock hard rolls can haunt thoughts of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. But have no fear; there are a few simple ways to avoid the confusion and stress that comes with baking. The first key is to gain a basic understanding of what you are looking to make such as ingredients, and the baking process.

Solar Cookers – The Pros and Cons of the Different Types

With so many solar cookers available on the market today, how can I know which one will best fit my needs? Which kind of solar cooker is considered the best?

Baking Coffee Cake

Coffee cakes aren’t really cakes at all, they’re a type of quick bread; a bread dough that doesn’t contain yeast. Coffee cakes are made by the simple method of mixing the dry ingredients together first, then cutting the cold fat (butter or shortening) into the dry ingredients, and lastly mixing the wet ingredients into the dry. This is also the way that biscuits and most quick breads are made.

Baking – Angel Food Cake Recipes

Angel food cakes are basically sponge cakes that have no fat or egg yolk in them; they are leavened with air and steam instead of the more common leavenings such as baking powder and baking soda. This means that the egg whites need to have the greatest amount of air beaten into them that’s possible.

Choosing a BBQ That’s Best For YOU

BBQ’s…Gone are the days when you only had a couple of options when it came to choosing your first BBQ. Nowadays, you could very easily be overwhelmed by the huge variety and selection of BBQ grills available.

But Why Should Pasta Be Cooked Al Dente?

“With no outlet for my feelings, I stared at the phone in my hand until I remembered the spaghetti. Back in the kitchen, I turned off the gas and poured the contents of the pot into a colander. Thanks to the phone call, the spaghetti was a little softer than al dente, but it had not been dealt a mortal blow.

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