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Delectable and Cost-Effective Canning and Preserving Recipes

These days, we are more aware of artificial additives and flavorings in the foods we eat, especially the grocery-bought foods. With that, canning and preserving recipes make the most ideal alternative. Healthy canning and preserving recipes are found both on food books and magazines and on the internet.

Sharp Microwave Convection Ovens

Microwave convection ovens have become an important feature on any kitchen’s list these days. Since such ovens offer both convection and microwave facilities apart from providing an efficient and faster mode of cooking, it’s no wonder that these gadgets have made their own set place in the modern kitchen.

Imagine Cooking With Your Own Italian Herb Garden

Italian food is known world wide for its intense flavor and aroma. Italian herbs are what give this cuisine such intense flavor and there is nothing better than cooking with your own Italian herb garden. Learn the secrets to growing your own Italian herbs.

A Basic Approach to Cooking on Your Own

When I was 17, my parents urged me to start preparing home-cooked meals so that we could stop eating out so frequently. This helped me to get my feet wet in the art of preparing appealing but basic meals for my family. If you’re trying to become a better cook, you may wonder where to start, so listen up!

How to Cook Perfect Pasta

Properly cooking pasta is one of the first steps in becoming a great cook. Thankfully, once you have appropriate instruction, it is a kitchen skill that is easy to master. The first step in preparing perfect pasta is to know how much pasta you need to cook.

Cooking Fresh Food For Children

Feeding our children good nutritious food is important and an issue as parents we all come across at some point. Nutrition plays a large part in our children’s overall health. Homemade meals are better for all of us and so should be part of your child’s diet.

Food Safety Training – Online Courses Or Not?

Some people love the convenience of online training for their job. However, some people feel like it isn’t the right path or that it won’t provide the right training. Fortunately, food safety training is not exactly show and tell.

Food Safety Certification – Restaurants Aren’t the Only Concern

Many people hear about food safety certification and automatically assume that it’s only for those people who work in restaurants. However, in any business where food is prepared, served, packaged, or sold, food safety is priority number one.

Shun Ken Onion Knives

The Shun brand is made by Kershaw Knives. They are well known for being one of the best knife brands in the world. Their knives are harder and sharper than any other brand and they stay sharper longer. The new Ken Onion line of Shun cutlery is an ergonomic version of the Shun Classic.

Forty-Somethings All Agog Over the Best Olive Oil Brands

Approaching the big Four-O (or in some cases, the mid to late 30s) is a time for facing new changes – from bodily discomforts to new revelations as far as food and healthy lifestyles are concerned. This is normally the time when the body begins to send signals that serve as major wake-up call to start paying more attention to your health.

Some Common Barbecuing Misconceptions Revealed and Explained

Are you falling victim to common misconceptions about barbecuing? Many cooks new to the grill do, don’t be one of them…

Gravy Recipe

Each cuisine has a set gravy recipe wither made mainly from meat juices, which are combined with milk or stock, and thickened with a starch. By adopting various tricks and trips smooth flavourful gravies can be made at home.

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