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Best Way to Cook a Steak sSs Style

Everyday tips for you to use at home or at your next BBQ. Your guests will be impressed with the flavour and tenderness of a great steak cooked like a professional. Cooking your steak is not about just leaving it on the grill, but knowing its ok to turn and season and get the feel of the correct doneness of your steak. Practicing these touch techniques will give you a perfect steak every time.

Competition BBQ Brisket Selection and Preperation

Brisket is one of the toughest meats to cook properly. Find out how to select and prepare this cut of meat like we do in BBQ competitions, resulting in a melt in your mouth product!

Competition BBQ Pork Selection and Preperation

Learn how to select and prepare pork for BBQ cookoffs. Using this info will do wonders for backyard bbq’ers too!

BBQ Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

In this atricle I explain different methods used on the competition bbq circuit. These are the real tips, tricks and techniques we use to win regularly in KCBS sanctioned cookoffs!

Great Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

A scrumptious dinner with some sweet-scented candles and flowers is really worth coming home to.

Fond of Fondue

It seemed as if a fondue pot was considered de rigueur in gift giving back in the 1970s and then these versatile pots found themselves tucked away in some far corner of your kitchen, never to be seen again. Three decades later, fondue has returned to its rightful position in things culinary.

Pots and Pans – Bring Them On

Remember the joy you felt as a toddler when Mom let you play with those shiny, and noisy, pots and pans? You have grown up to covet the pots and pans you see online. Your time has come. Bring them on! You will need to carefully plan your budget. Sometimes it is better to buy fewer high-quality pieces rather than grabbing every piece of cookware in sight on the bargain table. What will you need to start? Everyone, from novice to master chef, needs the basics: Roasters, Saucepans, and Skillets.

Choosing Fresh Fruit or Who Put the Worm in My Apple

It is fairly easy to judge the quality of most fresh fruits by just looking at their external appearance. With the following list of many of the most frequently eaten raw fruits, you will be ready and able to properly choose fresh fruit to titillate your tongue.

Cooking Chicken: Little Known Secrets Of How To Cook Perfect Fried Chicken

Cooking Chicken is not rocket science or brain surgery. Find out some little known secrets to cooking perfect chicken.

Choosing and Using Your Pumpkin

It’s officially fall, the pumpkins have arrived. Our local pumpkin patch is in full swing. Its time to pull out the carving tools and pie recipes. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pumpkin for your purpose.

Hearty Soup Recipes: 3 Keys To Making Soup That Heats Up The Mind, Body and Soul

Wanted delicious hearty soup recipes that stick to your stomach. Only serious cooks need apply. Learn how to produce mouthwatering hearty soups in the comforts of your home.

Eight Tips For Better Barbecuing

Do you like to cook outdoors using a barbecue grill? Most people fire up the grill – be it gas or propane and start cooking. Well. here are eight tips that will help you make sure that what you cook tastes as good or even better than you or your guests expect.

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