Naka sakay din MSC Cruise Ship Tour

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Steaming and Preheating – Important Details in Baking (Part I)

Successful bread baking depends on details such as preheating oven and injecting steam at the beginning of the baking process. It involves a little science and a little common sense.

Chilli with Chocolate

What better way can there be to get your kids to eat meat and kidney beans than letting them into the secret that the best chilli is always made with chocolate.

Barbecue Secrets

I want to give some killer barbecue, more specific tips, techniques and recipes.

A Delicious Companion to Good Health: The Olive Oil Story

The health benefits of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet has become more than a novel observation. Clinical research is substantiating healthy benefits, but the gourmet tastes and flavors are bonuses well worth mentioning too.

Reduce Free Radicals: Antioxidants and Olive Oil

Nutrition used to be something like: “eat fresh food and stay away from potato chips” …now we are told beware of ‘free radicals’ in the body. Antioxidants are supposed to be good for you, but how do we encourage one and fight the other?

From Buttermilk Pancakes to Blueberry Pancakes

During the spring of the year when lent is at hand and Easter is a mere 10 weeks away pancakes are on many peoples minds. The Tuesday before lent begins is traditionally pancake Tuesday. The origins of pancake Tuesday go back to when eggs, sugar and butter were not allowed during lent so people needed to use up these ingredients before lent began. Since eggs, sugar and butter are primary ingredients in pancakes we now have pancake Tuesday.

Three New Uses for Zipper Storage Bags

Zipper type plastic storage bags are a staple in most kitchens. Zipper storage bags can easily be found holding a sandwich for lunch or a handful of cereal for a toddler. Zipper storage bags are versatile, easy to use and low in cost. With the advent of various sizes of zipper storage bags and freezer zipper storage bags the range of uses for zipper storage bags is quickly increasing.

Types of Beef Roasts

There are four main categories of beef roasts with a wide selection of beef roasts in each category. It can be intimidating to shop for beef roasts when there is so much to choose from. For ease in grocery shopping when it comes to beef roasts follow this simple break down of each main category of beef roast.

How to Save Wrong-cooked Dishes?

How to vary your menu? Of course, with the help of sauces. They will not only add a new taste to known dishes, but also help to hide some of your defects. I can remember myself pouring overdone ravioli and burnt meat with big amount of ketchup or mayonnaise, and everybody was pleased. So, sauces – are an irreplaceable part of menu for a young housewife. And if you use not just ketchup or mayonnaise, but home sauces, you will gain a reputation of an excellent cook. And it is not so difficult to cook a sauce by yourself.

Ever Wondered How Baking Soda Really Works in Home Baking?

A 2 Minute Guide to Help You Understand and Achieve Better Baking.

When to Use High Heat on Your Barbeque

If you have ever burned the food on your BBQ then this is the article for you!

A Quick Guide to Steaming Vegetables

Vegetables can be steamed, boiled, broiled and barbequed but steaming is one of the easiest methods to bring out vegetables full flavor and bright intense color. When vegetables are steamed all the nutrients remain in the vegetables making this a healthier alternative to other cooking methods.

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