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Secrets to World Famous Smoked Salmon

First and most import are quality and cleanliness. Use only fresh or fresh frozen salmon that is of a high quality. Don’t use that 20 lb water marked gator salmon that was just about ready to spawn-out and die before you caught it up the river.

How to Boil Water

We’ve come so far when it comes to convenience foods, but from my perspective it’s gone WAY too far. All the prepackaged foods and ridiculous cooking gadgets have made cooking idiot proof, but at what cost? The quality of food and of course, the overall taste. These days even boiling real water seems complicated to some.

Making Mayonnaise Successfully

My mother is big on making things from scratch. She rarely buys processed products. So, when she needs Mayonnaise she naturally reaches for the blender.

Top Tips For Making Pasta With a Pasta Maker

There’s nothing like fresh pasta. And the easiest and best way to make it is with a pasta machine.

How to Eat Healthy Throughout the Whole Day

This article gives a brief overview of which foods should be consumed to what extend. It focuses on giving ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, including recommendations for making your day as low in fat and sugar as possible.

How to Season Your New Wok

If your wok is not coated with a non-stick coating it will need to be seasoned. The process is explained in the article.

The Art of Making Popcorn

Freshly popped popcorn used to only be available at cinemas. Now it is easy to have at home with your own popcorn machine.

The Top 3 Keys to a Healthy Meal

This article gives you a guideline how to plan a healthy meal based on experts recommendations to which extend which foods and food groups should be consumed. It also explains why these food groups are advised to be used that way, why the specific foods are important and what problems they might cause.

What Makes a Good Wok?

There are various issues to consider when buying a wok. These include the material it’s made from and the size, shape and type of handle. Information to help you buy a wok is in this article.

Dinner Plates Are Precious – How to Look After Them

So you’ve just been and splashed out on a brand new set of dinner plates which match beautifully with your new dining room decor. Whether you have chosen bargain basement items or a top of the range dinner service, I am sure that you want to look after your new dinner plates as well as possible.

Just Another Gem in the Alaskan Seafood Industry

Alaska’s bountiful and rewarding waters provide our country-and a good part of the world, too-with seafood of unrivaled taste and nutritional quality. The sustainability of the Alaskan fisheries and the pristine condition of the waters off our northernmost state’s coast help assure that that will be the case indefinitely; and thankfully so, since our appetite for seafood is simply insatiable.

Try Out a New Kind of Recipe With Your Salmon

The incredible thing about salmon is that, in addition to being incredibly tasty and firm in its texture, it is also totally versatile in the kitchen, and can be prepared in as many ways as you could imagine. It’s great grilled, broiled, fried, steamed, and it’s good fresh, canned, pouched, and any other way you could possibly buy it-like salmon jerky, a rare and delicious treat indeed! One interesting option when preparing this prized fish is to make salmon meatballs, which will certainly go down in history as a favorite in your family.

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