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It simple mint lemon juice but very fresh and tasty
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Microwave Potato Bag – What is it and Why Do I Need One?

A microwave potato bag might be something you’ve never heard of – many people haven’t. It is exactly what the name would indicate: a cloth bag that is used to cook potatoes in the microwave. Let’s examine why you’d want to do that.

How to Make Fried Pickles

Once in a while, we all want to indulge in the things that we know very well that we should avoid for the sake of our good health. While this is not a crime, we should be careful not to overdo it.

Thai Cooking 101

Influenced by Chinese stir fries and Indian curries, Thai cuisine is a hodgepodge style of cooking that encourages creativity, which will come in handy if you have trouble finding some of its more obscure ingredients.

Getting Down to the Good Stuff

Crab is a tasty treat no matter what part of the globe you hail from, but residents of the United States and Canada have a special place in their hearts for the mighty Alaskan king crab. The long legs and delicious white meat found within makes this crab a top pick when crab is to be the featured item on the menu. You can rarely disappoint when presenting a feast of tasty, luscious crab legs. The next important decision after choosing the crab is learning how to cook king crab legs.

Branching Out From Old Fashioned Fish

More than likely anyone who eats fish has stumbled across cod or halibut at some point in their lives, whether it is through fish and chips or a grilled addition to a salad, these mild white fish please almost anyone’s palate. Unfortunately, these days the commonly used Atlantic cod is becoming a more hazardous option for both people and the environment. With the destruction of natural habitats and prevalence of harmful toxins, people are encouraged to look to the Pacific for their seafood needs. For those who are big fans of Atlantic cod there is a close and tasty alternative in fresh Alaska Pollock.

Enjoying the Benefits of Quality Seafood Contributes to the Health of Our Planet

In order to continue enjoying an abundance of seafood to enhance our health and quality of life we need to protect the wolds’ seafood supply as a vital natural resource. We as consumers, along with the industry of commercial fisheries, benefit from a planned, well executed effort to ensure optimum conditions for sustainable seafood.

Alaskan Cod Will Make You Want to Go Wild

Thousands of miles away from any significant sources of pollution, Alaska’s waters are among the cleanest in the world. A marine habitat is this pure provides a seafood harvest remarkably free of contaminants. Wild Alaska cod is a prime example of the quality fish harvested from a truly pristine environment. These fish are wild-caught after being allowed to mature at their own pace while feeding freely on their natural diet.

Shopping For the Best Quality Salmon is As Simple As Recognizing the Right Label

Alaskan salmon is caught wild after being allowed to mature at its own pace while feeding freely on its own natural diet. The salmon of Alaska live in a wild marine environment thousands of miles away from any significant sources of pollution. Unlike wild salmon from some other parts of the world, this salmon, wild Alaskan, that is, has generally been found to be free of pesticides, petroleum derivatives, metals and bacteria.

Slow Cooker For Healthy Living

Slow cookers can be safely left unattended while cooking. For better results, occasionally check the cooking progress by turning the transparent lid to bring down the condensed moisture and have a good view of the food.

Here is a Helpful Kitchen Tip

Here is a helpful kitchen tip…You know when you open your kitchen utility drawer,the kitchen tongs that you have in their are open and generally stop the drawer from opening and you have to squeeze your hand in their to get them unstuck,or you have to pull the drawer so hard that you bend or break the tongs that render them useless?

Knowing How to Enjoy Salmon Out of the Can is Easy

Salmon is just so incredibly healthy, that it is a bad idea for anybody to shun it from their diet. When you add on top of the crucial Omega 3 fatty acids the fact that it has great taste and texture, you’ve got a winning combination: it seems like more and more people are agreeing with that, since it is ever more popular throughout the country and the world.

Salmon is a Must, No Matter What

There is no form of salmon as common as canned salmon for more than 90% of Americans. And, knowing how great salmon is for one’s bodily health, it is a good idea to buy it. With all the same great nutritional value as fresh salmon, canned salmon is in no way inferior in quality as a healthy ingredient and will help keep yourself and your family physically shipshape, thanks to the Omega 3 fatty acids it has. And since there are so many wonderful tinned salmon recipes out there, you’ll never be at a loss for how to prepare and serve it.

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