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Four Desserts From My Serbian Grandma

With a reverent nod to my Grandmother who was a magnificent pastry baker, I want to list some of the things I recall most vividly from her repertoire. She spent long hours baking in her little kitchen. I recall watching her stretch strudel dough, bakes cakes, make pastries.

Rabbit – A Less Used White Meat

People in the US seem squeamish about the thought of eating rabbit. Most of the rest of the world sees nothing at all strange about rabbit as a regular food. Rabbit is less fatty than turkey or chicken and makes a fantastic stew or fricassee.

Enhancing The Flavors Of Your Dishes – Part 1

Learn how to be creative with your dishes. Mix flavors together as I share with you what flavors will pair together.

Puff Pastry – Easy Ways to Get Gourmet Results

Too many people fear using Puff Pastry, though it is available in most groceries. It can take a mundane food to something sublime in just minutes. Easy to use with outstanding results, it is something everyone should try. There is no mystery to using puff pastry dough. It comes in two frozen sheets per box. It takes at least a half hour to thaw completely, so set it out to thaw with plenty of time ahead. The only thing to remember with puff pastry dough is that scraps of dough cannot be balled up and rolled out to reuse.

How To: Make the Perfect Omelette

Believe it or not, but there exists a subtle and lovely art to omelete-making. It requires the right temperature, quality (fresh) eggs, and knowing what you’re doing before flipping the corners. Helana Brigman explains just how to do these tips, tricks, and more.

How to: Chopping

A beginner’s guide for how to chop in the kitchen. What’s the difference between roughly chopped and just, plain, chopped? We answer those questions here.

The Desire of Sage Is to Render Man Immortal

The title is a quote from a late medieval treatise, alluding to the belief that sage had powers of longevity. Sage was so highly valued by the Chinese in the seventeenth century, 3 chests of sage were traded for one chest of Chinese tea.

Four Best Ways to Make Ground Meat Interesting And Stretch Your Budget

By varying ingredients, ground meat can take on interesting new flavors. Adding in less usual ingredients can really change the outcome. See how to stretch servings without stretching the purse. Try some of these variations and see what works best for your family.

A First Experience With Heirloom Tomatoes

I love tomatoes and use them all year long. We all know how tasteless they can be through the winter months, so I planted some heirlooms last spring. What a difference in flavor and what a joyous experience to taste. Understanding that I live pretty far north, with a very short growing season, I thought that starting the seeds in April would be soon enough. As it turned out it was not. My plants had barely started bearing fruit when we had our first frost.

Preparing The Perfect Christmas Turkey

The idea of cooking Christmas recipes for Christmas might be a daunting prospect to even the most seasoned cooks. Christmas recipes can be especially nerve-wracking for those who have never done them before. In this piece, you will learn how to make the perfect Christmas turkey to complement your other Christmas recipes.

Cooking Tips – 15 Tips And Tricks on How To Cook a Perfect Meatloaf

There is no doubt that meatloaf is one of America’s favorite comfort foods. With countless recipes available, how does one choose? Finding your favourite meatloaf recipe can be daunting but learning some tips and tricks on how to make a perfect meatloaf, will put your favorite recipe over the top! Try some of these techniques when making your next meatloaf.

Five Simple Appetizers For Your Holiday Party

If you are having a holiday party, you might be scrambling for new ideas for appetizers. Some of these may be made ahead, and some will need more last minute time, but all are delicious and simple to make, plus no utensils to worry about when eating.

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