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Butterball Turkey Fryer – Can You Smell The Turkey?

The butterball turkey fryer is all over the TV and you’re about to understand why this may possibly be the greatest fryer you’ll ever purchase. Fryers have come a long way since they were first invented.

Cooking With Herbal Blends

Herbal blends enhance the flavor of foods and make the cook’s job easier. Learn about the popular herbal blends to make and how they are used in dishes such as ethnic foods, soups and stews, salad dressings, breads and more.

Meal Assembly: No-Fuss Home-Style Cooking for the Busy Mom

Meal assembly is the technique of using prepared and pre-packaged foods as shortcuts when prepare home-style meals. Some ingenious mothers are able to turn ordinary food items bought from convenience stores and supermarkets into great meals. Don’t believe us? Here are some suggestions.

How To Use A Turkey Fryer

Here is how to deep fry a turkey with a turkey fryer. Thanksgiving is here so why not save time and have a better tasting turkey with a deep fried turkey. Here are the advantages.

Brief Lines About Best Juicer That Produces Wheat Grass Juice

From the past few yeas, it has been observed that most of the people are interested to take wheat grass juice daily in part of the diet plan. The following few lines will discuss about the best juicer which produces wheat grass juice and raw food diet. Here’s one thing we need to understand that our body always requires a fresh fruit and vital food. So most of the diet plan is giving place to fresh fruit and vegetable juices in their menu plan.

Now Take Your Bowl, Put Over Your Head, and Turn Upside Down, Dear

Do you like meringues or sponge-cakes? Sure you do. Most of us love them. But did you ever have an occasion to make them yourself? Actually, it doesn’t matter. To prepare them and many other desserts you need some whipped egg whites. “That’s easy” you may say, “all I do is take the whites and put them into my kitchen robot”. Well that’s true, but since i have my point in this post, I’m going to make it more difficult. Imagine you don’t have your robot, it’s broken or there’s no electricity. What would you do?

Mummy, My Potatoes Are Cubical Again!

Did your mum or spouse ever told you to peel potatoes or other vegetables? I bet she did. In my case it happened from time to time and it usually ended up as a catastrophe. I was watching my mother and grandmother while they were preparing vegetables or fruits with their knives, and it seemed to be the easiest activity on earth. You just grab this small knife in one hand, potato in the other, and quickly peel it. Right. Quickly. My first attempt to do that wasn’t quick. Wasn’t elegant. Uh, to be honest it wasn’t even ‘peeling’.

A Turkey Fryer Can Save Your Holiday

Why would a stainless steel turkey fryer be a part of your planning? Even after years of cooking and baking experience there is always that chance that the bird or the oven just does not cooperate. Why not try something different this year?

Slow Cookers – The Right Size Does Matter

You have decided that you are going to invest in a slow cooker… now the question is: how much do you need to spend to get the model that suits your needs?

The Thanksgiving Turkey – Should You Cook the Stuffing Inside Or Outside the Turkey

Turkey stuffing, Inside or outside the bird. How to safely cook the Turkey and the stuffing. Having a save and Happy holiday.

Tips And Tricks For The Turkey Fryer

There is always a learning curve with any new appliance or gadget. The turkey fryer is no different. There are some simple tips that can get you started quicker and with greater confidence. One of the first questions is usually, “How do I know how much oil to put in the pot?” This is an important question because if too much oil is in the pot and heated then it will most likely overflow the pot or boil over the edge when the turkey is placed in the pot.

Bread Machines 101 – Tips for Beginners

Careful measuring AND following the directions are key to successful bread machine use. Here are some tips for success with your breadmaker.

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