mahilig din ba kayo sa olive kahit oras ng ng tulog gusto parin Kumain nito

For Kids Only – How To Read A Recipe

Sometimes you get tired of mac and cheese and other food out of a box, don’t you? Hey, how about if you take out one of your mom’s recipes and make some real food? Never cooked from a recipe? No problem, here are some tips on how to read recipes and make some good eats:

How Can You Avoid ‘Filthy Food’?

They saw meats being transported without refrigeration, meat juices flowing into vegetables which are not allowed to be transported in the same vehicle as meat in the first place, and yogurt at dangerous temperatures. You might wonder if the food you’re buying is safe. Unfortunately, we can’t always be sure the food you’re being sold is safe.

A Filipina’s Favorite Cuisine

She may have lived for a decade or more in your country, adopted your food and eating habits and fallen in love with steak, pizzas, burgers, fries and international cuisines but these changes in her tastes could not erase her innate love and craving for native food from the Philippines. She may be influenced by the foreign culture, but she is still a Filipina at heart.

Delicious Dining Has Never Been So Easy

There is a special je ne sais quoi feeling when one sees gourmet food presented with visual appeal and attention to all details. The memories of the taste and the presentation linger long after the actual event.

Preparing To Cook Italian

You might have found lots of databases on Italian cooking through the Internet and be excited about trying to delve into the world of parmigiana, pesto, and pasta. It would be useful to have on hand some basic ingredients that are found in lots of Italian cooking. By that way, you will be able to serve your Italian food most days without having to do an extensive grocery shop.

Royal Cake Decorating – Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Wedding Anniversary

The diamond wedding, 60th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, is on the 20th November 2007. Little did I dream when enrolling for a course on Advanced Royal Icing many years ago, that I would be copying the design of the Queen’s wedding cake.

Picky Eaters – 7 Ways To Get Your Child To Eat

Let’s face it; lots of little kids are picky eaters. Most of them outgrow this in time, but meanwhile it can be very frustrating if the picky eater is one of your own children. If there are no health issues and they’re just fussy, try some of these tricks:

Smoker Cooking is Worth the Wait!

Smoker cooking is a form of cooking where the smoke from burning wood prepares your foods. This type of cooking allows for a whole range of flavor opportunities.

10 Reasons to Cook at Home

Here are 10 great reasons to eat in rather than eating out. Cooking at home is good for more than just the budget.

3 Reasons to Eat in Rather Than at a Restaurant

Here are three good reasons to consider eating in rather than going to that chain restaurant. Have you considered that eating out at restaurants all the time may actually be having a negative effect on your life. Here are three good reasons to consider eating in rather than going to that chain restaurant:

5 Tips to Save Time When Cooking at Home

People often say the reason they eat out so often is because cooking at home is tedious work. Not only do you have to prepare and cook the meal, you also have to do the cleaning up afterwards.

Apartment Gourmet On the Cheap – Episode 2 – An Unlikely Combination

On the surface this simple combination of foods may sound disgusting. But if you suspend your natural gag-reflex reaction to it and give it a shot, you’ll find an incredibly tasty snack that any fast paced apartmentite can eat on the go.

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