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Organic Dried Sage – Wonderful Ingredient for Cooking Morel Mushrooms

Organic Dried Sage is a wonderful compliment to preparing the morel mushrooms. Find out more about finding and cooking these wonderful organic favorites.

Hand Blender – Benefits of a Hand Blender

A hand blender or hand mixer can be an essential kitchen helper if you spend any amount of time making food from scratch. Hand mixers come in a wide variety of different types and styles, and so the key to getting the most out of such a kitchen appliance will be to find one that meets your basic needs and provides the level of functionality that you are looking for. Consider that some of these handheld devices provide basic mixing capabilities while others offer additional attachments that lead to other kitchen uses as well.

Make Dinner in 5 Minutes Flat!

Are you one of those people who work 60 hours a week? Do you have a family or wish you could make a nice dinner in a flash?

Getting Back To Basics With Cooking Can Be Fun

When was the last time you cooked with someone? Maybe as a kid you helped your mom or grandma in the kitchen or maybe you have never tried cooking with someone. Not sure what to cook? The art of basic cooking can be so much fun!

Preparing Vegetarian Appetizers for Parties Is Easier Than You Think

Non-vegetarians always find it difficult and even stressful to prepare food for vegetarians. Preparing delicious appetizers for vegetarians is not that daunting and it actually is very easy and quick to prepare.

How to Enjoy Barbecue Month When You Are A Vegetarian

One great American tradition in May is the National Barbecue Month. This is an outdoor cooking that has been a popular pastime among family and friends during summertime. A way of uniting and enjoying each and everyone’s company with foods that are affordable, easy to prepare and great-tasting to the palate.

Be Inspired and Innovative With Your Dishes

As a chef, you always have to be innovative when it comes to your dishes. Not only are your diners expecting something new from you, but you also have to give them a surprise from time to time. This way, you keep their loyal interest and gain more clients. However, it is difficult to always be inspired as your day-to-day duties will sap some of your inspiration away. The busy restaurant kitchen atmosphere will drain some of the creative juices out of you.

Roasting Meat: The Perfect Cooking Method

Roasting involves cooking with heat that is dry. You can use an oven or an electric roasting pan. The top or the bottom of the food is caramelized to enhance the flavor of the food. The heat is indirect and diffused heat which means the meat cooks slower. Usually red meat like steak or a rump roast is cooked this way.

How to Create a Family Heritage Cookbook

A family recipe is a family history. Each recipe carries a noble story that combines the tradition of favorite dishes and family folklore.

Healthier Burgers for the National Burger Month

Some burgers are cooked rare while others go well-done. There are burgers piled high with crisp toppings and served on warm buns, and there are also those made for plain sandwich filling. In addition to the classic ground beef burgers, there are other meats used to form patties appropriate for grilling.

Quick And Easy Dinner Ideas

Having trouble coming up with dinner ideas? This article with give you some quick, easy dinner ideas for those crazy, busy days.

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Life Easier

I compare life to most of my recipes. I rarely do them the same way each time but in the end, I get something that my family says, “Tastes great, Mom, how did you do that?”. I just keep telling them a little of this and a pinch of that makes it come out yummy in the end.

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