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All About Coastal Seafood

What could be better than a glass of white wine, an outdoor deck, and a dinner of coastal seafood? Whether salmon, shellfish, cod or prawns, seafood is fresh and natural, healthy and satisfying. It is the best of all things gourmet. It is easy to prepare and always a crowd favorite; it is easily combined with other foods, and gladly consumed by friends and family alike. However, conservation efforts are a must, in order to preserve the pristine natural environment, and to keep seafood amply available for the generations to come.

Why Choose Recipes For Gluten Free Diets?

Celiac disease is the reason that the gluten free diet exists. This is because people with celiac disease have an intolerance to this protein, and it harms the small intestine in these people by causing them to release antibodies that attack the small intestine. In an age where weight loss diets are quite prevalent, the gluten free diet has been adopted as being a diet that can help you lose weight in a healthy way. Recipes specifically for those with an intolerance not only help people with celiac disease heal their small intestine and stay healthy, but they can also help you lose excess weight.

Where to Find Recipes and Gluten Free Ingredients

If Celiac disease has recently been diagnosed in your family, thoughts of recipes and gluten free dining are a top priority. Celiac disease is an allergy or intolerance to foods containing this protein. Unfortunately, it is found in many foods and it can be difficult to weed out the foods that do not contain it. The solution is to prepare food yourself.

Cake Pans Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

There are so many different cake pan shapes to choose from, you no longer have to use those boring square and round cake pans. Step into the 21st century and start baking some interesting and fun cakes from now on.

What is the Key to Making Good Hamburger Patties?

With a few simple tricks, you can learn how to make award winning hamburger patties. Why not impress family and friends with your new found skill? It’s easy and it’s fun.

Live Healthy With a Gluten Free Cookbook

There are two main categories of people who eat gluten free foods as a lifestyle. One, is people who have Celiac disease. They have to eat these special diets or risk their health because they have an intolerance to the protein and even the tiniest amount can make them sick.

How to Prepare Your Cake Pans to Ensure Successful Baking Every Time

Experienced bakers know that the key to successful baking is to properly prepare your cake pans the right way. This article shows you how.

Your Best Dungeness Crab Recipe

A Dungeness crab recipe appropriate to your next meal won’t be hard to find. Recipes are extensively available and this delicacy is always a welcomed addition to the dining experience, whether it be a special occasion or just a weekly family dinner. Crab is an excellent choice because of its moderate price and ease of preparation; it is also very nutritious.

Your Guide to Cooking Dungeness Crab

Alaska Dungeness Crab is not only a beloved Alaskan seafood, it is also one of the most festive crab dishes you can place on your menu. They say that for taste and value, cooking Dungeness crab is legs above the rest. It is classically served whole, either hot or cold, and paired with melted butter or dipping sauces, including mayonnaise, aioli, and flavored butters such as mustard butter. Available precooked, this superior shellfish has a distinctive sweet flavor and bright orange shell color.

Getting the Best Out of a Dungeness Crab

Within the US, the dungeness crab is hunted along the Pacific coast, with the dungeness crab season spanning the months from December through June, approximately. This is the best time of year to find fresh dungeness crab in your supermarket or local restaurant.

The Queen of Crustaceans – The Dungeness Crab

The Dungeness crab season stretches generally from late November through June along the West coast of the US; a winter harvest in California and a spring-summer harvest in Alaska. Sold in its frozen and canned forms, Dungeness meat can be purchased year round, but getting the opportunity to eat one (or several!) fresh at the peak of the Dungeness crab season is well worth it.

Slice and Dice Your Alaskan Salmon

While most of us just head to the local market to pick up some nice salmon fillets, there are those out there who would like to take it upon themselves to see the whole process through. If someone has caught some lovely wild salmon or has just picked up a whole fish at the store, there is a process when learning how to fillet salmon. The first step in this procedure is making sure you have the right equipment for the job. A good filleting knife is essential and you must make sure it is very sharp. To keep up the sharpness of your filleting knives it is a good idea to pick up sharpeners with various sets of bars depending on what level of sharpness you want.

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