Little Girl’s Ghost Haunts This Hotel? | Hotel Hell


Season 1, Episode 3

Ramsay tries to save the hotel known for creating the Pie à la Mode in the 1890s. John Imhof is a lawyer and former Army judge whose management of the hotel is out-of-order according to Ramsay, who sees him as an ineffective busybody. The kitchen uses boil-in-the-bag precooked food, and their famed pie is frozen and raw. Ramsay redesigns the decor and menu, introducing a new room to enjoy the freshly baked pie with homemade ice cream. To show John that the staff can manage the hotel without his interference, Ramsay locks him in a derelict upstairs room. The packed service is completed without a hitch, and John begins to trust his staff. Ramsay is particularly pleased with Scooter, a young kitchen assistant who has undergone two heart surgeries and back surgery, and offers to fund the remainder of his college education. Despite Ramsay’s efforts, the hotel closed prior to the episode’s airing due to a decision of the lender bank. It was eventually converted into a nursing home.

Season 1, Episode 4

Ramsay visits a hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego where rooms cost $800 per night. The owner Eddie Kaen is a property developer who is a fan of Ferrari cars and he has decorated the hotel to his personal tastes, which lean more to form over function. The chef at the hotel restaurant has a hard time saying “no” to the owner’s menu suggestions, such as chocolate-bacon-strawberry pizza and chicken parmigiana sliders. Room service orders are delivered in cardboard boxes and plastic containers, which do not befit a luxury hotel. Ramsay redecorates the rooms and redesigns the menu, and convinces the owner to allow his staff to tell him “no” when needed. The hotel is open and reviews are mixed with praise for location and service but complaints about the rooms.

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Little Girl’s Ghost Haunts This Hotel? | Hotel Hell

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