Leek & Gruyère Rösti with Fried Eggs | Gordon Ramsay

A hearty meal for breakfast.

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What to Do With Cooking Oil

Many health and nutrition magazines always encourage their readers to practice healthy habits such as proper diet, exercise work outs, good sleep and avoiding vices such as smoking and drinking. Seems pretty easy to be able to do those things, but it is much harder to implement it.

Knife Sharpening and Knife Maintenance

Did you know that a dull kitchen knife is more dangerous than a sharp one? This is because you have to use more force to get that dull piece of metal to cut! The blade does not actually get dull instead what happens in the mechanics of a dull knife blade edge is that the sharp edge begins to fold over on itself over time when cutting or chopping. There are also many reasons that cause any knife over time to become dull.

Weekly Meal Planner With a Grocery List – Need Some Help?

If you are a mom with a hectic schedule, it is difficult to everything done without some organization and planning. One of the hardest things for a mom to keep up with is what they will make for dinner every night. A weekly meal planner with a grocery list will help you organize your weekly dinner plans and help you free up time and save money.

Eating Safely – Tips You Need to Know

Eating safely means preparing food under conditions that do not allow bacteria to grow. Bacteria that cause food-related illnesses have certain requirements for life being water, food, air, warmth, and time. When one of these is removed, bacterial growth is stopped. Consider the following practical suggestions for safe eating.

Many Ways to Skin a Turkey, But Only 2 Ways to Use a Turkey Deep Fryer

In the southern part of the United States, fried turkey has been a favorite for a very long time. However, turkey deep fryers are becoming more and more popular every year across the United States because of the reduced cooking time needed to prepare a turkey.

Firepit Cooking Options

If you ever experienced the magic of roasting a marshmallow over a fire pit you know how fun fire pit cooking can be. By learning about the different types of accessories you can use with a fire pit you can cook a larger variety of food over your next open outdoor flames.

How Can a Meat Tool Help You?

When working with meat, it is best to have the appropriate meat tool to ensure the meat is both handled properly and prepared properly for cooking. Without proper handling and preparation, there are underlying dangers that can make those consuming the meat harmful to the people eating it.

Cook Your Way to Health!

If you love rotisserie foods, you then know that in order for you eat healthy means that you don’t have to eat just salads. You will also know that delicious foods does not automatically mean very high in fat. When you are doing rotisserie cooking, it is where you are turning your meat very slowly which gets it very tender and the vegetables so flavorful that you will absolutely love it.

Finding Nirvana Through Making a Home-Cooked Meal

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my grandmother Ruth in London, England, which I am lucky enough to do once a year. Although it’s quite the schlep to get there and the jet-lag is absolutely BRUTAL, it is worth every minute of it. Although I am generally a good sleeper, there is no place I sleep as soundly or as deeply than at my granny’s.

Dining Preparation Appreciation

We are all so spoiled in home dining preparation with our futuristic kitchen. We don’t appreciate the cooking ease that we have these days with our simple to use cooking appliances. Ridding the toil of getting wood and lighting a fire to a simple push of a button to toast a slice of bread or to make a great meal for fine dining.

How to Make Cooking Easier

When cooking, we sometimes make a mess in the kitchen. Accidents are commonplace when cooking. Here are four tips to help make cooking easier.

Condiments and Spices in Chinese Cookery

The primary purpose of condiments and spices in Chinese cookery is to accentuate, rather than to conceal the natural flavours of the food. Chinese chefs use relatively few condiments and spices (opposite are some of the most popular) but they vary their combinations to achieve almost endless taste transformations that delight their countrymen and arouse mingled sensations of pleasure and bewilderment in foreigners. The bewilderment arises out of one basic difference between Chinese and Western cooking

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