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Have You Seen the New Electric Pressure Cookers?

The new electric pressure cookers are easy to use and have many built in safety features. You will love using these multifunction cookers to prepare hot, nutritious meals for your family in minutes instead of hours as in conventional cooking. Cooking foods under pressure preserves the nutrients in foods and requires no added fat so your foods will be healthy and nutritious. These versatile cookers can not only cook foods fast, but they can also slow cook, steam, and brown foods.

Healthy Cooking Tips – Three Kitchen Items to Start a Year of Healthy Cooking

Even though the holiday sales are over, we still want you to get the kitchen item that you want. One of our main visions every start of the year is to cook and eat healthy; and one way to keep this goal realistic is to have the basic kitchen items in the kitchen.

Sauerkraut – Making Tips for Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut

If you are venturing into making your own naturally fermented sauerkraut, keep in mind these tips. Use a variety of cabbages. Cabbage is a healthy vegetable and it turns out that the many different varieties of cabbage provide us with different micro-nutrients and antioxidants.

The Sushi Machine

Because of the high demand for sushi, and its ever increasing popularity, many restaurants are choosing to use a sushi machine. The high demand for sushi means that although people can make sushi at home, more people are finding sushi in there local supermarket, their Specialty Asian food store, and their local campus cafeteria. It is true that making sushi at home for yourself can be very satisfying.

Coconut Oil: Top 10 Uses

Coconut oil is a versatile oil that has cooking and cosmetic applications. Keep a jar of coconut oil in both your kitchen and your bathroom to take advantage of its versatility.

How To Make Professional Tasting Sauces At Home

Making sauces is a craft taught in chef school as a special profession. There are hundreds of recipes and methods to consider. This article introduces some of the basic concepts as well as two classic sauce recipes called pan sauce and velouté sauce.

Different Types of Grills With Different Fuel Sources

Grilling food is an exciting leisure activity for the family. 8 out of 10 households have their own grills for yard barbecues.

Everyday Sushi Ingredients

Everyday sushi ingredients can vary based on your personal preference anywhere from simple and sweet to complex and difficult to find. We can define sushi as various shapes of compacted rice and vinegar garnished with vegetables and seafood. This would be a general definition.

Why Cast Iron Makes Desirable Cookware

Cast iron is a metal dating back to 4 BC in China. It has been used for many things over the years. For anyone who has never used cast iron cookware, they are missing out on a quality product that is still made in the USA.

Are Roaster Ovens Just a Big Turkey Oven?

Roaster ovens are a versatile, countertop oven that can be used to prepare just about any food you can prepare in a conventional oven, except broiled foods. Since they are available in sizes from 5 quart up to 22 quart, families of all sizes from couples to large families will find these roaster ovens a great asset in the kitchen. Use your roaster oven to prepare many types of foods from chili to desserts.

Different Cakes You Can Make in Your Dutch Oven

A cake made in a Dutch oven is similar to a standard oven-baked cake except that it is prepared in a heavy cast iron pot. The main difference is that cakes cooked in a Dutch oven produce brown crisp on the bottom and sides creating a more delicious result. There are even cake recipes that can be put into the oven at night and left to cook and cool until they are served in the morning.

Herbal Handiwork

Throughout my garden I have mounds of basil, parsley, dill, sage and rosemary growing. I make the most of my herb garden harvest by making herb oil, herb butter and pesto. Maybe you would like to try a variety of these ideas.

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