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Your Perfect Hamburger Recipe

As a dish that has been with us for around 200 years the hamburger remains little changed from its original incarnation, and that’s why hamburger ingredients are well-known, plentiful and affordable. Indeed, it is the very simplicity of the hamburger itself that makes this tasty and versatile item so popular, for there is very little needed when making the perfect hamburger.

The Best Hamburger Steak

The origins of the hamburger are rooted in the seafaring Americans of the 19th century and their visits to the important port – Hamburg, in Germany – from which they take their name. It is somewhat remarkable that hamburger steak recipes remain very much the same now as they did then, almost 200 years ago, and it is a sign of the impressive versatility of the hamburger that there are so many different variations on the theme.

The Diversity Of Hamburger

For more years than anyone of us can remember the hamburger has been a staple part of American – and worldwide – cuisine. Indeed, we know that the Salisbury steak – a derivation on the hamburger theme – has been with us since at least 1897, giving an idea of how long the original concept has been in existence. That there are so many recipes using hamburger meat or hamburgers themselves is testament to the versatility of this much favored ingredient, and the list of ways of cooking hamburger is growing all the time.

5 Truly Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

Between cleaning and storing, often kitchen tools that claim to be time-saving are more trouble than their worth. In this article, the author describes 5 tools that make the grade.

Birthday Cake Decorating – 3 Simple Tips

Birthday cake decorating can be a great way to add a little special touch to someone’s birthday. Follow these three simple steps and you will easily enhance the birthday of those you love.

Italian Cookbook – Physical Vs Digital

If you are in the market for an Italian cookbook, one of the first questions you may be asking yourself is “Should I go with an actual paper Italian cookbook, or a downloadable digital copy?” There are compelling benefits to be enjoyed from each, as well as a few cons to consider. This article will help you to identify these.

Cake Decorating – 3 Simple Tips

Cake decorating can be a very frustrating thing. But don’t let it get the best of you. Follow these 3 easy steps and the next time you have to decorate a cake, you might enjoy it.

Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake decorating supplies are numerous and varied thus making the proposition of buying new ones a daunting and overwhelming task. Follow these 3 simple guidelines and you will not be disappointed with your cake decorating tools. Buy Into Wilton Or Not- So in the land of cake decorating Wilton is Queen.

Black and Decker Rice Cooker – Help With Cooking Perfect Rice

Cooking rice can be known as a skill. Some of us can do it and get great rice every time. On the other hand, some of us can not cook rice at all. At best, we may get lucky once in a while and produce something edible (if you are anything like me!). For people in this situation, a rice cooker will be the best solution to the problem.

Why You Need A Smoker Cover

Many people look at a smoker cover as a nice accessory. It is not. It is an absolute necessity if you want your BBQ smoker to last and not fall victim to rust well before it’s time.

Spices Are Affordable Tasty Medicines From Nature

Spices have been delighting humans for thousands of years with their warm and pungent, hot and spicy flavors and aromas. Many spices impart color as well as flavor to foods, but did you know that some spices are used as medicine? Try a little spice instead of salt the next time you cook up dinner for an effortless way to get healthier.

About Kitchen Knife Sharpness

A sharp kitchen knife is a good deal safer and less difficult to handle than a dull one. Before each use of your kitchen knife, it ought to be honed (aka steeled), which is the process of realigning micro-sized bends along the knife’s edge on or after its last use. On the other hand, honing must not be confused with sharpening the blade. Sharpening actually removes metal from the edge to make a new edge.

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