Learn how to make rava idli and instant sambhar by vandana #*idlisambhar#

Benefits of Cast Iron Teapots to Brew Tea

Cast iron teapots were also known as “Tetsubin” that comes from Japan. Teapot Japanese is commonly used for brewing tea. They are very popular because they have so many benefits that when it comes to brewing tea. The following are some of the benefits that cast iron kettles can give.

How to Appreciate the Operational Benefits and the Potential Dangers of the Sous Vide Method

The method of cooking known as Sous Vide, literally in French, under vacuum, is believed to have been discovered by George Pralus in his restaurant Troisgros at Roanne in 1967. He was, apparently, trying to reduce shrinkage on a foie gras terrine and found that by sealing the terrine under vacuum and immersing it in a temperature controlled water bath, he could reduce the shrinkage from a previously high 40%, to just 5%. He also discovered that the plastic film prevented flavour loss and the destruction of protein structures, thus preserving the natural textures of the item.

The Benefits of Carrot Juice Your Mom Kept on About? Turns Out They Are for Real

Growing up, did you always find that your mother stuck a big glass of carrot juice in front of you and said something incomprehensible about how one of the great benefits of carrot juice included the ability to see better when you would drive at night one day? You have always wondered if this could be for real. Or is this something that all mothers got together and dreamed up to get you to eat healthy?

Making Bread When the Power Is Out

Early on in my survival preparations, I bought lots of whole wheat flour and yeast packets for bread making. Flour is a lot cheaper than MRE’s and it takes up less space. Then one day my wife said, “If a disaster happens and the power is out, how are you going to bake bread?” Great question! And I felt pretty stupid because I didn’t have an answer. After a little research, I learned that as long as you can get a fire going, there are many things you can do with your bread ingredients.

5 Tips to Tell How Hot a Chili Pepper Is

When shopping for chili peppers for your favorite chili con carne or salsa recipe you probably will not have access to a Scoville Heat Rating Scale. So how do you tell how hot a pepper is going to be?

Posh Pancakes, How To Make ‘Em and How to Toss ‘Em!

Pancakes are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day which falls on the 8th March in 2011. You don’t have to be a slave to tradition though, they make an excellent pudding at any time, especially when you get creative with the ingredients!

Excellent Tips on How to Cook Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the greatest food that God created. It tastes fabulous but you have to cook it right. Shrimps are member of the crustaceans and are very abundant wherever you go around the world.

Cupcake Decorating – Building a Bunny Cake – He Is Not Just for Easter Anymore!

When your two, twenty-one year olds walk into the kitchen, smile, and say “That is Really Cute” and “Good Job Dad” you know that you have built the “better” bunny. Inspired they then came up with many different possible uses for the basic bunny cake design. Here are the simple steps for creating your bunny canvas.

Different Cooking Techniques and Styles

Cooking is a process that involves a lot of different techniques. Different methods use different styles. They differ in the way they are exposed to heat, equipments used to cook them, time of heat exposure, etc.

Tips for Safely Cooking and Preparing Food

Food safety is part of the process of cooking and food preparation. It is important that we maintain cleanliness in handling, storage, preparation and cooking of food to ensure safety.

How a Slow Cooker Changed My Life

Find out how a Slow Cooker changed my approach to eating and cooking. Read about the benefits of a slow cooker.

The Many Benefits of Home Cooking

No one can deny that going out to eat and having someone else prepare your meals is a great convenience. But, cooking your own food at home has a number of benefits as well.

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