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List of Herbs and Spices for Health and Cooking

There is a lot of talk about herbs these days, and everyone seems to be discussing the manner in which they can be used for healthy eating, cooking, and for medicinal purposes. Herbs are actually plants that are generally low growing. They are almost always aromatic in nature and are therefore great for cooking either in the dried form or even fresh. Not many are aware of this, but many herbs are also used in perfumes.

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker Attachment – Does It Really Work?

The kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment is one of kitchenaid most popular attachments, and for good reason too. It is one of the easiest ways to make fresh homemade ice cream for your family and friends. Here are a few tips to get you started with your new kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment.

16 Different Ways to Prepare Eggs

There are so many ways to prepare eggs. This list will give you our 16 most popular ways that we like them. We hope you enjoy and find something you are willing to try.

Kitchen Cabinets Hold a Goldmine Worth of Meals

Kitchen Cabinets and Freezers hold a substantial amount of money. You can almost call it a gold mine. Here are some tips to create substantial food savings. Every extra meal you can create will save your family money. Open your mind to the new possibilities in meal planning.

Keep Your Meal Plan From Going Stale With These 6 Tips

Suddenly your budget has created a meal plan that is the same boring foods every week. We have created tips that can spice up your meal plan by changing only one ingredient. We show you how to change your meal without changing any ingredients.

Ginger-Garlic Paste – DIY Vs Store Bought

Ginger-garlic paste is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine and cooking. It’s found in a broad range of dishes as a flavor base very similar to the way that the holy trinity of onion, carrot and celery is used as a foundation of flavor in western cooking.

Do You Like Your Lamb Or Chicken Biryani Recipe – 4 Things You Should Consider

Biryani is ordinarily made with lamb or mutton (mutton is the meat from an aged lamb), but lots of folks like to make biryani out of chicken due to the fact that 1) chicken is more affordable than lamb, 2) chicken biryani cooks faster, and 3) biryani made with chicken is generally lighter than lamb or mutton biryani. There are quite a few significant differences however between a chicken biryani recipe and a lamb biryani recipe. Let’s take a look.

It Can Happen to Anyone in an Instant

This is a story about a lesson I learned about not being as safe and prepared as I thought I was. It is a reminder that safety and preparation can not prevent accident or injury, but they sure help.

Meat Cooking Basics and Tips

Meat appears as part of many different dishes. When cooking at home, you want to follow some meat cooking basics and tips to ensure that you enjoy meals that are both healthy and delicious.

BBQ – Tips and Secrets About the Best BBQ

People have been barbecuing (also known as BBQ’ing) for years. In the United States it’s a year round activity as people move their grills from their backyards to stadium parking lots for tailgate parties during football season.

Cooking: A Guide for the Modern Man

In the beginning man hunted for his food. With nothing but a primitive spear and a razor sharp set of instincts he set off into the wild and brought home the bacon. Or mammoth. Or whatever he could find. As time passed and technology progressed, man’s role as the hunter gatherer became increasingly diminished. Food became more and more readily available and the kitchen became the woman’s domain.

Coming Up With Fast Healthy Fun Lunch Recipes

Making lunch or dinner is not usually the top most fun thing to do throughout the day especially if you are pressed for time. Not everyone loves to cook. Most people live off of quick and easy store bought microwavable meals.

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