Learn how to make Bihar’s special dish ।।special dhuska by vandana

The Single Chef – Why Soups Win Ladles Down

Everyone is busy, including single people. Ironically, people with families are busier because they have more people to support while people who are single are busier because they have no one to support them. But cooking for oneself is particularly problematic. I’m surprised in fact, that a ‘singles’ cooking club’ hasn’t come into being.

Baking Homemade Brownies

Baking homemade brownies is one of life’s sweetest delights. The smell of the brownies baking in the oven never fails to attract every family member to the kitchen to await the finished treat.

White Knife Sharpener Made of Ceramic Is Very Popular

Knives are the most important tools in a kitchen and they help a lot in many tasks such as cutting, chopping and mincing of meat and vegetables. But with constant use, their edges become blunt and they do not perform efficiently which makes jobs in the kitchen very tiresome. You just cannot throw away blunt knives as it is not a wise thing to do. What you need is a good sharpening tool to keep all the knives in the kitchen in excellent working condition.

Relish And Enjoy Mouth Watering Gourmet Food

All countries in this world have certain specific traditions and customs according to which day to day tasks are performed. Cultural dishes and delicacies are also prepared with traditional herbs that can provide your food the perfect taste. Gourmet dishes have that perfect aroma and taste that can really mesmerize your senses.

Fast and Simple Dessert

Immediately after eating the chief course, it is always good to conclude the meal with some desserts. You can lay aside ice lotion or coffee or you’ll be able to do some thing much better by serving other simple and fast dessert recipes.

Preparing Fast and Simple Cookie Recipe

If you really feel bored and want to produce some thing as part of your kitchen, a single point you make which is easy and quick are cookies. To present you a thought, right here are a couple of recipes that are worth baking.

Quick Dinner Ideas For Tonight For The Family With Little Time

It’s a sad fact but the majority of families now a days have a pair of working parents that seem to be too busy to come up with dinner ideas for tonight and to take the time to cook family dinners for the family if not every night every other night which leaves families resorting to buy fast food for dinner like McDonald’s or KFC and a big fattening milkshake but this is not doing any of the family members a favour by buying junk food. You would be surprised what a little pre-planning and time management can…

BBQ Pot Roast

This BBQ Pot Roast recipe, brings summer BBQ and winter Pot roast together. This end result is sure to get rave reviews from your friends and Family. The recipe is easy and is bursting with flavor. Make sure you have some good chicken or beef stock on hand, this is the key to a great broth.

The Secret of Homemade Neapolitan Pizza

One of the advantages of learning how to make homemade pizza is trying various styles of pizza that are common in America. This article I will give you an in-depth look into what goes into making an authentic Neapolitan pizza. A traditional Neapolitan pizza consists of three simple things, the crust, the sauce, and cheese.

All About Food Bags

These days there are many different brands of food bags for organization, storage, entertainment and cooking. You probably can’t find a single household in the United States that haven’t used some kind of food storage bags in the present or in the past.

5 Best Cooking Oils for Diabetics and a Healthy Heart

Two out of every three diabetics die from a heart attack or stroke, so people with diabetes should make sure to cook with oils that support a healthy heart. Here are my five favorite cooking oils for diabetics.

The Year of the Hare

This year the Chinese New Year falls on February 3rd. As per the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, 2011 is the ‘Year of the Hare or Rabbit’. The Rabbit is said to be one of the most fortunate of the twelve animal signs since it is the symbol of longevity. If you were born in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 the Year of the Rabbit, you possess graciousness, good manners, sound counsel kindness and sensitivity to beauty. These characteristics are perfect if you like to host dinner parties or other events. What better time to plan a get together with your friends or family and present a wonderful Chinese Dinner or Dim Sum Menu!

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