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What Makes Ciabatta Bread So Good?

Here at the bakery, we make a lot of breads, but none is more often requested than the Italian specialty bread called “ciabatta”. Have you ever wondered though, what makes ciabatta so different, sought after by all of you bread-crazed foodies? This article will explain why, but first a little history that we Italians are rather proud of.

Advantages of Raw Manuka Honey in Cooking

Honey is a natural sweetener and many different varieties are available based on the hundreds of different flowers and plants frequented by bees. Raw manuka honey is made from the tea tree bush native to New Zealand and it has a dark color and robust flavor. Among the many advantages of raw manuka honey are culinary benefits. Everyone from novices to master chefs can use this sweet substance to prepare culinary delights.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying A Hand Blender

Below I have laid out some smart questions to consider before buying a new hand blender. These questions will help you to avoid acquiring an inferior product.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Making Homemade Kale Chips

Kale chips have become one of the nation’s favorite healthy snacks. Unfortunately, many people find that their finished kale chips look and taste nothing like those crispy treats they buy from their local health food or grocery store. By avoiding a few common mistakes, however, it is possible to create light, crispy, delicious kale chips at home.

Vacuum Sealer Bags Are An Important Tool For Your Vacuum Food Sealer

The important thing to keep in mind is that your sealer is only as good as the quality of the vacuum sealer bags you use and there are several to choose from. You’ll typically want to buy storage bags made by the same manufacturer as your vacuum sealer if possible (read the manual that comes with your sealer). While some are fairly universal, not all of them are all that convenient so you’ll want to make sure you get the right bags in order to get the most out of the sealing process.

Quick Healthy Recipes: Dressing Up an Old Standby

How can you turn a plain can of vegetables into a hearty, healthy dish without adding a lot of butter, sauces or sodium? When fresh or frozen isn’t available, here are some tips to help dress up a boring staple.

The Fish We Cook, Mullet and Shark

MULLET Mullets can be found in warm coastal waters throughout the world and occasionally enter freshwater streams. They travel in schools and are commercially important especially in the Florida area. The mullet is a silvery fish with a gray to greenback and can grow to 14 pounds and 3 feet in length.

Savory Step By Step Recipes – Salad Nicoise

The salad category additionally includes dishes made with ingredients like meats, seafood, grains, fruits, and sweets. And while some salads use raw vegetables, others use cooked ingredients. Here’s how to prepare one yummy and easy step by step recipe, salad Nicoise.

How Can You Make Delicious Pasta at Home

Pasta is one of the versatile foods that you can have and serve to your family and friends. But making your own pasta at home is considered a tough job, but it is not, rather it’s a fun and easy job to make this dish at home.

What Are Organic Foods and Why Should I Care?

How to tell if something is Organic and, perhaps more importantly, if you care? Today, it seems the world can be divided into two groups of people: those who have jumped on the Organic Bandwagon and those who class anything organic as another way of saying “marketing scam”.

What Is Organic and Why Should I Care?

How to tell if something is Organic and, perhaps more importantly, if you care? Welcome back to the expose that is our Organic Food Investigation. Last week we looked at what makes something Organic and this week we are going to discuss Organic in more detail. Brace yourself; this could get hairy, organically hairy.

Sicilian Bread and the Flour It’s Made With

Sicilian semolina bread (Pane Siciliano Semolina) is most often topped with a springing of sesame seeds – as is the Sicilian tradition, but this is totally optional. When we do a batch of this bread, we normally offer both versions.

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