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What Causes Bacterial Food Poisoning?

Bacteria are an essential part of our lives, but not all types are good. This article explains the basics of bacterial food poisoning and gives some helpful tips about how you can reduce the risk of transferring nasty bacteria between foods.

A Checklist To Ensure a Plain-Sailing Festive Season

At the end of every year comes a time of reflection, taking stock and then moving forward into a New Year full of new promises and plans. You’re about to launch into another busy festive season and unfortunately for you, now is not the time to sit back and relax. Food safety is one of those things, like insurance or healthcare, that’s not a priority until something goes wrong. Then all of a sudden it’s the most important thing in the world.

Making Homemade French Toast Easily

I have never been much of a cook or a baker but one thing that I could always make is French Toast. However, I have just recently learned to bake my own bread. One Sunday my wife was not feeling well so she went to take a nap.

Food Storage – Ways To Store Food Properly

When you are trying to store your food it can be more of a challenge then what you think. This is when you should know more information about the different methods which you can use for food storage.

Safe Food Preparation for the Holidays

Everyone looks forward to delicious holiday meals featuring poultry and ham at this time of year. Proper food handling and preparation will help ensure that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.

How to Bake Fish

Baking fish Baking is one of the easiest ways of preparing fish. The only equipment you need is a pan or baking dish and an oven. The fish can be placed in the dish with just oil or butter or you can add toppings depending on the end product you want.

How to Pan Fry Fish

Pan frying is one of the most often used methods of cooking fish. Over a camp fire or over a stove people have been cooking fish this way for a very long time. Here are the basics.

How to Oven Fry Fish

This method of cooking can give you the deep fried fish flavor without all the fat. It is any easy method of cooking and cleanup is easier than deep frying.

How to Deep Fry Fish

If done right deep frying will give your fish a crispy coating and moist, tender meat just like in the restaurants. Here are the basics.

How to Broil Fish

Broiling is a very healthy way of cooking and can also be very easy and tasty. Follow these instructions and see how easy it is.

The Ease of Poaching Fish

Poaching is a method of cooking by which the fish is lowered into simmering liquid often seasoned with various herbs and spices. The flavoring you add to the poaching liquid will add to the flavor of the fish. If you plan on serving the fish with a sauce you can use just plain water so you will retain the original flavor.

Comparing Three Brands of Chef Knives: Function Form and Style

Once you try a really good quality chef knife, it is very difficult to go back. There may be many other excellent knife brands on the market. Currently I own three brands and will compare their style and use. Before you invest in a quality knife try to find a store that carries it to see how it fits your hand and if you like the feel.

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