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Cooking – Is it an Art, a Science, Or a Pain?

For me, cooking has always been fun. I started cooking in my younger day back in Nebraska. Luckily, my mother was patient enough to teach me. For my wife, she’s glad I have fun doing it. What is your vote? Do you cook for pleasure, or necessity?

Slicing and Dicing

A good sharp knife is used to shape a food product and reduce its size. Having the same size and shape ensures even cooking. Items are shaped by slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing and other special cutting techniques.

Outdoor Cooking

There is no form of cooking I like better than grilling outside on the barbeque. It seems that the food tastes better than cooking it in the oven. Maybe it’s the fresh air.

Kitchen Knives

Knives are the most important item to a chef. In your own kitchen, a good sharp knife makes your cooking easier and safer. Good-quality knives are expensive, but will last for many years. Select easily sharpened, well-constructed knives that are comfortable and balanced in your hand.

Kitchen Knife Safety

Having a sharp knife to use for cooking is essential for both the preparation of the meal and your safety. A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. There are certain rules you must follow in order to handle a knife safely. Nothing will ruin a dinner quicker than cutting your self.

Culinary Equipment

Having the proper tools and equipment for a particular task may mean the difference between a job well done and one done incorrectly. Depending on your level of cooking, professional chef or home cook, could determine the quality you purchase.

Proper Cooking Tips

Over the past few decades reports of food-borne illnesses have reached an all time high. Some illness can have minimal effects,and other food-borne illnesses can actually kill you.

Cooking Large Quantities on a Shoestring Budget

Cooking for a family and staying within a budget is tricky, but it can be done. We feed eight people, two who must eat a gluten free diet, and three who are allergic to milk.

The Wonders of Cooking at Home

There are many advantages when it comes to home cooking. While some prefer to go out to dinner eat, others prefer to stay at home and prepare a fresh meal with all natural ingredients. Many have a passion for cooking and knowing that by making a meal at home, the family is provided with something healthy and fulfilling.

Mind Blowing Tips For Cooking Meat and Fish Product Urgently

Did you know that it is dangerous and unhealthy to eat meat or fish that has been frozen, cooked, refrozen, then cooked again? Kathryn Boor, a professor of microbiologist and chairwoman of the food science department at Cornell University say that “there is nothing bad or dangerous about that process as described…” but you can not answer the question unless you know the whole history of how the food was handed at every important point.

Wheat Free Cooking Made Simple

When you are wheat free cooking there are some things you need to make sure to keep in mind. Both cooking and baking with flours that are non-traditional will be a bit trickier than just your basic white or wheat flour. If not done correctly your dishes will be flat and heavy.

What is a Roux and Why is it So Important to Your Cajun Cooking?

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of Cajun cooking, or if you’ve been around Cajun cooking, then you’ve probably heard the term roux. This is a very basic ingredient in a variety of French, Creole and Cajun dishes. But what exactly is roux and what is its purpose?

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