June 28, 2020

5 Tips for Saving Money on Family Meals

When you plan your cooking and shopping it is easy to get double the amount of food and having enough to last the whole month. Follow these money-saving tips and make many meals with a little creativity.

Inspiring The Sushi Maker

The novice sushi maker might practice the art of cutting slivers of fish and vegetables, mixing workable sushi rice and combining it in a roll that stays together, but nothing matches the ambience of an authentic sushi bar. A spot at the sushi bar secures you a first hand view of the sushi chef plying his craft. You would be in a position to ask his advice on individual creations passing on the conveyor belt.

Try Mild Tilapia in Fish Recipes

The tilapia fish is a mild-tasting one and can be adapted to other fish recipes. However, you will want to make it a star in its own unique dishes once you taste it. This fish has become more popular in recent years than in the past.

Tips on How to Buy Spices Online

Did you know that the shelf life of ground spice is only around six months? Alton Brown, the popular host of the American TV show Good Eats also revealed that whole spices have comparatively long shelf life of around two years. However, most local grocery stores (if not all) have spices that have been on their shelves for more than a year before being sold.

10 Ways to Pack a Healthy Lunch the Kids Will Love

If your kids are not keen on school dinners or you prefer to pack your own, getting it right can be a challenge. Not only do pts have to spend extra time shopping for food and then preparing it but they also face the ‘lunchbox challenge’ of trying to pack a healthy meal that does not get thrown away or arrive home uneaten. Here are ten ways to pack a great healthy lunchbox: Be creative with carbs – Starchy food is important for energy, helping kids to concentrate.

How to Buy Saffron

The worlds most expensive spice, saffron is obtained by drying the stamens of the saffron crocus. The thread-like strands are dark orange in colour and have a strong perfume. Read on to know some vital tips on how to buy saffron.

Cast Iron Cooking: Make The Water Sizzle And Hop

With the holidays right around the corner one of the best things I remember is that good ol’ family breakfast Christmas or New Years morning, after opening all the presents of course. And what better way to cook that family breakfast than with a cast iron pan, griddle, or skillet. As great as cast iron is to cook with and clean there is one thing you need to remember before making those fluffy pancakes and/or that crispy bacon for breakfast Christmas or New Years morning. And that is, making sure your cast iron is at the right temperature.

Christmas Turkey – 2 Best Recipes

Turkey is the main dish at the Christmas table. In this article we will answer to this question – how to prepare, bake and serve a festive roast turkey? Here are two tasty recipes which will make you, your family and your guests really happy.

Making Your Own Stock

A stock you make yourself is much more flavorful than one of those canned or bottled stocks you can buy at the grocery store and will also be completely free of additives and preservatives. This article explains the different types of stock, their main ingredients, how to make them and what to consider when making home made delicious stock.

The Traditional English Christmas Dinner Menu

The traditions of Christmas we carry in our heads, and attempt to replicate, are very much Victorian: if we close our eyes, we can almost see the Dickensian table, groaning with the weight of all the food and drink. Here, I give a typical menu for Christmas Dinner and for the follow-up evening supper as served in many English households on Christmas Day.

How To Make Sushi At Home Using A Hangiri

When learning how to make sushi at home, you will soon realize that rice is what keeps it all together, literally. An essential tool in preparing suitable rice for sushi is a hangiri. This is a wooden tub or bowl, traditionally made of cypress and used to prepare the sushi rice.

6 Myths About Fruit

Traditionally fruit has been recognized as one of the healthiest foods you can eat however there are many myths surrounding fruit. Some myths are caused by new food movements that arise, teaching that eating the natural sugars in fruit can be unhealthy while other myths simply stem from misconceptions. Here we will list 6 of these myths and briefly explain why they are in myths not facts.

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