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Fenugreek Spices Mediterranean Foods

Fenugreek is a spice that comes from the plant Trigonella foenum-graecum, a member of the legume family. It’s native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, so it has been used in those cuisines the most. Fenugreek seeds are roasted and ground for their spicy sweet taste and aroma like maple syrup.

Celery Seeds for Seasoning and Stalks for Eating

Celery seed is a spice that comes from an annual plant, Apium graveolens, a member of the parsley family. The same plant gives us celery stalks and the root vegetable celeriac.

Cayenne Pepper Is Hot From Capsaicin

Cayenne pepper is a red pepper variety of Capsicum annuum, a plant native to tropical America. It’s a member of the nightshade family that is consumed as a vegetable and used for seasoning other dishes. The chemical that makes cayenne pungent, capsaicin, has applications in the medical field as well as in the kitchen.

Dill Herb Is Used to Spice More Than Pickles

Dill is both a spice and herb that comes from an annual plant, Anethum graveolens, a member of the parsley family. Native to southern Europe and Russia, dill is grown for its lacy foliage and seeds that have a distinct flavor and aroma. Pickles are probably the most popular food seasoned with dill.

Lemon Balm Adds Citrus Zest to Foods

Lemon balm, or balm, is a herb from the plant Melissa officinalis. It’s a perennial plant from the mint family, Lamiaceae. Grown for its fragrant foliage, the leaves are used in cooking to impart a delicate lemon aroma and flavor.

Why Put Corn in Crawfish Recipes?

Crawfish recipes have always corn in it. Why? It simply because corn is nutritious that would help the crawfish taste so good. It has nutrients that fight against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and stress.

Slow Cookers and Crock Pots – Helpful Info Regarding Your Best Friend In The Kitchen

As an avid cooker and lover of excellent food I have found that my best friend in the kitchen is my slow cooker. Even though they are simple to use, it is still important to understand a few basic facts when it comes to how crock pots work.

Star Anise Flavors – Foods and Liquors

Star anise is a spice from the fruit of Illicium verum, a plant in the magnolia family. Star anise is also known as star aniseed, Chinese anise or Badian anise. It imparts a licorice-aniseed flavor and aroma to many foods and several liquors.

The Fully Equipped Kitchen: Great Things Every Home Cook Should Own

The kitchen is one of my favorite places. Short of having a Viking stove, my kitchen is highly outfitted. I have all the gadgets I need to make melon balls, ice cream, chimichurra, lemon zest, or grilled paninis.

Best Way to Cook Beef and Pork Ribs

The best way to cook beef and pork ribs using an electric smoker is all about cooking the beef and meat lower and slow unlike the procedure when grilling it. Smoking the beef and meat is a part experience, part skill and part equipment. In case somebody is not familiar about using a smoker, asking friends about fundamental things that are crucial to understand to rely on.

Feeding and Reviving Sourdough Starters

Making sure that your starter is always healthy is very important so that it will stay thriving inside your refrigerator for long periods of time. To do that, you have to feed it and revive it whenever you will add it to baking.

Healthy Eating And A Balanced Diet

Everyone is constantly told by the press, doctors and the government here in the UK that healthy eating is very important. People generally live much longer now than they did fifty years ago. On average people also grow taller and weigh more.

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