James Corden Tells Gordon Jamie Oliver Taught Him To Cook | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay shows James Corden how to cook hot and sour soup. Plus Gordon asks James what he likes to cook From Cookalong Live.

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Carefully Breaking the Ice Correctly With a Very Tasty Dish

If thawing fish is a thought that drives you absolutely insane due to the long wait that is required, then throwing the frozen fish right on the pan is probably the best route to take. Slowly thawing out the fish is not a necessary step for most recipes so if you choose to put the frozen fish directly in the pan then just double the amount of cooking time the recipe normally calls for. The only cases where it would be better to slowly thaw the fish are when you are looking to broil, stuff, or bread the meat.

Getting Past the Icy Exterior to the Tastiness Hidden Inside

The best way to defrost frozen fish is to place it in the refrigerator on a plate and sit back while it thaws out. The refrigerator temperature should be somewhere between 35° and 40°F so that bacteria or any other harmful organisms do not have an opportunity to grow. For this reason defrosting fish in the refrigerator is the safest method. The main problem with this option is that it requires anywhere from six to twenty four hours for the fish to defrost depending on the size. For each pound of fish you should allot six to eight hours for defrosting. When making dishes with frozen fish it is best to plan ahead so there is enough time to defrost.

The Other, Other White Meat Offers Mild Flavor and Satisfaction

There are all different kinds of whitefish out there but the term is just a blanket description of the kind of meat these fish have in common. Their mild flavor works well in recipes with a lot of other ingredients because the fish takes on the seasonings and does not overpower the other elements of the dish. The soft flesh works beautifully as a whole fillet or mixed in with a whole host of other tasty ingredients. Of the whitefish recipes out there, one of the best is for Khoja fish curry.

Discovering the Many Delicious Joys of Eating Scallops

With so many fantastic species of animal-or food, for our purposes-being found in the world’s oceans, it is only natural that we humans should learn how to take advantage of this bountiful source. Though in many parts of the world, industrial fisheries have decimated stocks and done a terrific job of contaminating marine (and other) ecosystems, the Alaskan fishing industry has been laudably careful and responsible about not ruining a good thing-after all, there is really no other fishery to compare, either in volume or quality, with the Alaskan fishery. Though most people associate the Alaskan waters with fresh salmon and king crab, there is another treat that has been underexploited, even though it is overloaded in flavor and nutrition: the Alaska scallop. So, what are scallops, you ask?

Scallops and Simplicity, Two Things That Go Hand in Hand

Some people have the wrong impression of seafood: they think that, in order to create a successful seafood dish, they need to put together a complicated and taxing recipe. As a consequence, failure often ensues for these folks. The reality, however, is that seafood-especially the varieties that have plenty of their own flavor-is often to-die-for in the most simple and easy preparations imaginable; this could not be any more true than is the case with scallops. With an abundance of flavor and a wonderful texture too, there are plenty of easy scallop recipes out there to be experimented with.

Keep Your Scallops Recipes Simple, and the Flavors Bold

Many species of shellfish are a dime a dozen, but not the scallop: prized like no other mollusk-and even competing with such heavy weights as salmon or king crab for culinary ranking-the scallop is not only an exceptionally tasty treat, but it is also an exceptionally nutritional food source. With some truly surprising statistics, like the 16+ grams of protein that an average serving portion of raw scallops contains and the very low levels of fat, the scallop holds its own, and a lot more. In fact, this gem of the deep is so superb that, when preparing recipes for scallops, a wise chef will not create anything too complicated, but rather let the scallop shine through in its own right.

The Scallops Recipes That Will Never, Ever Fade Away

There is just no doubt about what kind of scallop reigns supreme in this world: the massive scallops that are harvested year-round in the chilly Alaskan waters are, hands down, the favorite variety from New York to Hong Kong, from Ontario to Sydney. Not only are Alaska scallops larger than their counterparts from the Atlantic Ocean and from certain parts of Asia, but they are also more flavorful-and, perhaps most importantly, the fishing industry responsible for harvesting them is much more sustainably managed than is the case in other parts of the world.

Sea-Friendly and Easy to Bake, Pollock is a Dream

A Pollock recipe should definitely be in the cards the next time you get an inkling for a healthy and sea-friendly meal. Pollock are the base of the world’s largest whitefish fishery, which means they are readily available all year fresh or in fresh-frozen boneless fillets. Because they are quick to mature, this white fish withstands high fishing pressure. Moreover, fishing methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife and fisheries are tightly managed. For these and other reasons, organizations which rank seafood as sea-friendly or not, give Pollock their highest seal of approval.

King of the Sea in Size and Flavor, Make it Tonight

When thinking of recipes calling for shellfish, there is just one king of the sea: Alaska King Crab. Though dungeress crab recipes are delicious and snow crabs divine, king crab recipes are always going to be the crowd favorite. Moreover, unlike Blue, Snow, and Tanner Crabs, King crabs are ranked as a sea-friendly shellfish due to their strongly managed fisheries and because their offshore, deep-sea habitats remains healthy.

Chef Knives – How to Select Chef Knives Online

You have probably already heard that you should always go into the store to try several chef knives out before you purchase one. But maybe that’s just impossible for you! Well I’m here to guide you through the process of selecting a chef knife without ever stepping foot into a store.

Chef Knives – Buying a Kitchen Knife Set

Most knife experts will tell you to never buy a knife set. I’m here to say that a proper knife set is a cook’s best friend and kitchen’s best asset. Here’s how to decide if a knife block is right for you, find the perfect knife set, and maintain it for a lifetime.

A Taste of the Good Life

Crab and lobster may seem like dishes reserved for the rich and picky, but in reality anyone and everyone can enjoy mouth watering crab dishes. For people living on the Northwest coast of the United States the best choice is Dungeness crab. This variety populates the waters of California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, providing delicious and plentiful seafood for all of those who seek it. The popularity of this crab means there are a wide range of recipes out there that allow you to thoroughly enjoy the naturally great flavor of the crab. There is on Dungeness crab recipe in particular that will leave anyone who eats it begging for more.

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