“I Bought The Hotel To SING!” | Hotel Hell

That’s one way to get into debt.

Season 2, Episode 1

Ramsay arrives at the hotel and is immediately put off by the beige color scheme and being asked to sign a damage waiver. He wonders why a hotel in New Mexico is styled after Tuscany, Italy. The food is not very good, and the owner Cali Szczawinski sings karaoke in the style of Cher during dinner services. The pool area is dirty and disused. The owner fires the general manager and asks Ramsay for help. Ramsay and his team redecorate all of the rooms, renovate the pool area and redesign the menu, all in the style of New Mexico. When the owner starts to waver on the changes, Ramsay threatens to put the pool back to the way it was and leave. He also asks her to stop singing and focus on management. She commits to the changes and sees a boost in business. The hotel was sold to new owners and renamed Hacienda De Mesilla in 2017.

Season 2, Episode 2

Only four rooms in the historic hotel are available for use, and all other guests are sent to the adjacent motel. The owner Phillip Lovingfoss inherited the hotel and is wealthy, with a collection of classic cars displayed outside. However, he runs the hotel in a miserly way. The staff informs Ramsay that the owner is severely alcoholic and was jailed the night before for DUI. Ramsay stages an intervention for the owner, renovates the rooms and redesigns the menu. The hotel closed in 2016 due to the owners’ debts and was converted into an apartment building in 2019.

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“I Bought The Hotel To SING!” | Hotel Hell

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