How I make pizza with sliced bread

Organic Spices – A Trend for Consumer Preference

One of the fastest growing elements of the food business is the move toward organic foods and specifically the use of organic spices in the kitchen.   No question that a large part of this increase has been driven by consumer health issue. A major study, published by the National Research Council in the early 90’s determined that for children and infants a major source of exposure to pesticides is through diet.

Two Centuries Ago “The King of Chefs” Created the Modern Gourmet Cooking We Know Today

In most major cities around the world, the French restaurant is considered the apex of taste, refinement and luxurious dining. When visiting Paris, especially for first time travelers, the experience of viewing patisserie windows is street theatre. The colors, styles and shapes of the treats are so visually stunning. The pace and style of French restaurants have a cadence all their own. Food is art and life to the French. Marie-Antoine Careme, “The King of Chefs, and the Chef of Kings” deserves much of the credit for this grand legacy.

5 Kitchen Staples You Can Make Yourself From Your Urban Homestead

Every homestead kitchen needs the base ingredients for planning and rounding out meals. You can learn to make 5 basic kitchen staples as a base for all your meal planning.

Cooking With Vinegar: A Guide

Vinegar acts as both a preservative and a flavoring and therefore has great versatility. Use the suggestions in this article to enhance your cooking after review six main types of vinegar.

Cooking Herbs List: The Top 6

This cooking herbs list contains six of the key herbs you are likely to need for everyday cooking. Aromatic herbs really do something to the flavour of food. Review this list and check whether you are using them to the full.

Cooking With Syrup: A Guide

If you would like an alternative to sugar when cooking sweet dishes, consider cooking with syrup. This article gives an informative overview of 5 main syrups and how they can be used in your cooking.

Gourmet Microwave Chef

Is it really possible to make a full and nutritious meal in the microwave? There have been a lot of speculations surrounding the use of a microwave and all the health implications, but it is such a wonderful instrument for that single person on the go or that starter family with hardly anytime.

Planning Your Leftovers for Food Budget Savings

Being single, I rarely cook with only one meal in mind. It’s much easier to know what your second or third meal will be, than trying to think of what to make with your leftovers.

Seven Healthy Cooking Tips

Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be hard! Here are seven cooking tips that are easy, fun, and effective so you can eat better, lose weight, and be healthy.

Educating Yourself on Frozen Vegetables

The struggle between fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables rages for many smart shoppers and dieters. Educate yourself on the benefits of frozen vegetables, so you don’t miss out on a convenient way to get the nutrients you need year round!

Bakery Ingredient Suppliers – Putting The Innovation Back In Bakery

Manufacturers of snack food, bars and other convenience products are turning towards innovative bakery ingredient suppliers to provide them with the basis of developing and baking new products or variations of existing products which are better able to capture the demands of the marketplace as well as aid in the reduction of costs in production through better baking results and shorter baking times. According to the recent edition of the IBIE, produced by the largest bakery industry researcher in the world, there are notable global trends in the marketplace, both from the demand and supply side of the equation, which will strongly affect the future decisions of products to be produced. The research noted that the key trends that will affect the snack food and confectionary industries in 2010 and 2011 revolved around the following principles: nutrition, natural and organic, gluten free, low fat, low sugar, green packaging and ethical business practices.

How To Throw A Great Thai Dinner Party

Thai food is likely to make a great choice for the future dinner party you’re setting up. This short article will give you a complete menu so that you can make certain the food will be good, and will all enhance each other to create it an ideal menu.

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