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How to Handle and Keep Leftovers

Most of the time after we have eaten dinner with our family, there are still food in our dining table that are left uneaten. These uneaten, cooked foods are generally referred to as leftovers. Leftover foods can be stored in the refrigerator for some time and can be re-heated or cooked into a new dish.

How To Choose Fresh Chicken

Many of us love the smell of roasted chicken cooked in our kitchen. We want to immediately grab a bite of this delectable dish and share this flavorful chicken with our family and friends. Known to many, chicken is considered to be among the top meats eaten by different people all over the world. With chicken, you can prepare a lot of delicious recipes for you and your family.

How To Decorate A Cake – 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Get Started

How to decorate a cake, for some people, presents a daunting challenge. After all, everyone admires beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes. But when you decide to learn how to decorate a cake yourself, and you suddenly find yourself in your kitchen with no one to help guide you, it’s time to get some help! This article can help get you started.

The Right Bevel Angle For Sharpening Knives

We cannot deny the importance of science, without which new inventions were impossible. However, this is the technology, which guides us about the usage of these inventions. You can say that without proper guidance, all inventions are useless for us. In case of sharpening the edges of knives, without proper direction we cannot achieve the best results. Here, I want to say just one thing that if you want to sharpen the edge of your kitchen knife, then only 19 degree sharpener could provide you excellent result. In case of other knives like electrician knife, hunting knife, razor knife etc. technology guides you about accurate degree of sharpness, by which you could achieve your desired aim efficiently.

Tricks to Make Any Pan Nonstick

There is one important step all bakers need to think about before they reach the oven. Will my food stick? A quick and easy step in your cooking process can mean the difference between a whole cake coming out of the oven, or just a few pieces.

4 Common Baking Mistakes

Bakers at every level make mistakes, it is human nature. To prevent these mistakes will only take an extra second of your time, but will take your baking to a whole new level.

Thai Food Is Healthy And Delicious – And It Can Be Cooked Without Garlic

A lot of strong smells typical of ethnic food don’t necessarily agree with some people’s sense of smell or taste; Largely it might be the pungent odour that garlic leaves clinging to your skin for a few days after it has been consumed. This isn’t always noticeable at first, but regular consumption of large amounts of this very useful bulb can have that unfortunate consequence. If you don’t mind hunting around you can dig up plenty of information about substitutes for, or similar tastes to garlic (and onions as that’s another one many people don’t like).

Excuses, Excuses – No Time To Cook Healthy Meals?

Whichever way you look at it, knowing that you are able to quickly and easily prepare a delicious and healthy Thai or ethnic meal is very handy. It’s almost a modern day survival tip for those who are truly too busy trying to survive to notice. When you eat healthier food, you will definitely also feel better; certainly you will notice that you have more energy and a zest for life that’s been missing for a while.

Swap Fast Foods For Cooking Your Own Meals

The schedules that we keep which are so full of work and friends and family, leave very little time for our own endeavours. We may say that we have ‘time to ourselves’, but if it’s being said between rushed mouthfuls of some unhealthy or junky ‘fast food’ or take-away, perhaps it would benefit you to take a look at your lifestyle and make a bit more time to keep yourself healthy. Even ethnic take-away can be unhealthy if it is prepared with poor quality ingredients and cooked in low quality oils!

How To Decide Whether To Use a Water-Bath Canner or Pressure Canner

Canning, or as some in the Appalachian Mountains say, putting up, is a way of preserving food safely for long periods of time. This is either by pressure canning or boiling-water bath canning. How do you decide which method to use?

Why Coffee Houses, Restaurants, and Bakeries Need to Offer Agave Nectar

This article will discuss why it is important for coffee houses, restaurants and bakeries to offer agave nectar as a sweetening option to their customers. There is currently a growing trend of organic and natural products, and many consumers will shy away from places that do not offer organic alternatives for their sweetening needs, be it for their coffee, teas, smoothies or baked treats. The sweetener market is currently shifting away from high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners due to strong market forces that are changing consumers’ purchasing behaviors.

Is Your Cooking Destroying Nutrients?

Raw food has made a huge comeback today thanks to its various health benefits and the emergence of the raw food movement, but cooked food still remains a firm favorite thanks to the variety it offers to the discerning palate. Our taste buds are more accustomed to foods that have been seasoned and made tastier by cooking, but the question that arises is whether cooked food is less nutritious than uncooked food. There have been many debates over the years regarding this subject, but the consensus has generally been that a majority of foods lose their important nutrients…

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