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Roast Potatoes in Goose Fat? Never Again

As the run-up to the holiday season begins ever earlier, all sorts of foodie publications will launch their annual campaign to ruin your oven and pretty much your entire break. Articles will appear in the press and web, all extolling the virtues of roasting your potatoes in goose fat.

Checking Your Cans For Spoilage

Fruits, vegetables and meats often go bad if they are not consumed quickly enough. This battle to keep food for an extended period of time has been a struggle for people until the early 19th century, when the process of canning food as a means of preserving it was developed. Canned food has since been a staple in pantries in the US. Nearly every household probably has canned goods somewhere in the kitchen. But canning is not a fool proof operation and food can still spoil with time.

Putting Together a Cookie Basket: The Most Creative and Unique Way to Present Your Homemade Cookies

Whether you’re up to sell cookies or thinking of giving them as gifts, there’s certainly no better and more creative way to do it than putting together a cookie basket. This gift or business idea is not only unique, putting together an appealing basket full of fresh baked treats is also easy and fun! To do it, all you need are the cookies, the basket, some decorative papers, ribbons or cellophane wraps, and a little dose of creativity.

Robot Coupe R2N Food Processor, Model R-2N Review

Shortly I have idea to buy a kitchen robot. I know my wife will not be excited about that. She has a birthday next week and to find out what she really needs is a tough job.

Tasty and Simple Cookie Recipes

Cookies can be produced through simple cookie recipes or through intricate baking techniques. Nevertheless, all of those various techniques produce hearty and tasty treats. Everyone loves cookies, don’t they?

Cooking With Fresh and Wild Salmon From Alaska

Heading out to the grill or even just into the kitchen to prepare a wild Alaska salmon feast is sure to win over any Mom or Dad when it comes to dinner time. Not only a great, nutritious and delicious food for regular meals, but a real treat of entertaining and dinner parties too, it’s hard to go wrong when there’s fresh salmon in the mix. Most people, however delicious it may be, don’t know too much about preparing salmon for themselves at home. Often, it’s considered a dish to order only when out where a professional can prepare it for you.

Machines Make Dough for Bread and Rolls

Bread makers, bread machines, stand mixers and food processors will all mix ingredients into dough for you. Just add the water or liquid ingredients and flour and start up the paddles.

My Passion and Appreciation for Food and Where It Came From

To truly appreciate something you must go without it. I grew up in a single parent household at times we ate well at times we did not. My life and childhood was by no means miserable or damaging but what it did do is teach me how to prepare, adapt, and appreciate food. I began cooking at 12 (an earlier age than most) to provide me and my brother a hot meal while my mother worked and attended school. My mom would leave out a dinner in the morning with directions on how to prepare it. There would usually be a package of chicken on the stove and directions “heat at 375 for 45 ” and so on and so forth for whatever meal was left out for dinner. I volunteered and assisted in preparing Holiday Meals as well There were times I would have little to eat, this was more than likely because I was a teenager at the time and ate every snack in the house within a few days. But I will always remember the times I had to go with little or no food.

Low Sodium Diet – 3 Tips To Lower Your Sodium Intake and 3 Tips To Increase Flavor (Starting Today)

When you are first told to go on a low sodium diet you may feel lost. What do I do now? You have cooked with salt your whole life. Here are some tips to help you start eliminating salt from your diet, and ways to increase flavor, right now.

Nesco Food Dehydrators – Simple and Smart

Making dollars stretch in the grocery department is always handy. Having nutritious, non-perishable snacks on hand is possible without the high price. Preparing jerky or trail mix can be achieved at half the cost when you do it yourself. It is as simple as making a small investment in a food dehydrator.

Electric Rice Cookers – Fast, Fabulous Food

There are times when even the most routine and simplest cooking duty can become confusing and frustrating. Cooking rice can be that way but, there is no need for confusion! There are so many options out there. It is a good idea to know the basic functions and uses for a rice cooker before buying.

Experiment With Your Bread Machine to Make Variety Breads

A bread machine is a great little appliance that makes a nice addition to any kitchen. The kinds of bread that a bread machine can make are as varied as your imagination. The basic white bread is a standard on which many variations can be built.

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