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How To Make Pizza On Your Barbecue

Some of the best pizzas that I have tasted were cooked in wood burning ovens. For centuries people around the world have been cooking in wood burning ovens. These ovens and also, professional pizza ovens can reach the high temperatures of 800 to 1200 degrees. At these high temperatures a pizza cooks in only 2 – 5 minutes.

Busy Cooks Need the Right Cookbook!

You’re too busy to use a cookbook written for women in the 50’s! Your a modern cook, who needs fast, simple recipes and a cookbook that delivers! Choosing the right cookbook can make your meal planning a whole lot better!

All About Outdoor Cookers

Cooking food outdoors in the open is wonderful! But when you are cooking outdoors, you need to have proper equipment. You may live in an urban environment where the climatic conditions are not that conducive to conventional outdoor cooking. But, this issue can be resolved.

Storing Your Kitchen Knives

Wondering about the best and safest way to store your kitchen knives? This article will provide you with information on your knife storage options.

Use Your Kitchen Knives Like a Pro

With some know-how and practice, a kitchen knife can be your best friend during food preparation, or it can be a potential source of serious injury. Depending on your skill and what you already know about knife safety, it’s always a good idea to hone knife safety skills. The first step in kitchen knife safety is purchasing the most quality set of knives you can afford. Avoid sets that have gaps at the joint – where the blade and handle meet. Quality knives should feel heavy and solid in your hand. And most importantly, take the time to learn how to use the knives and care for them.

How Can You Start To Love Cooking?

Most people look upon cooking as a tedious chore, especially when they are forced to cook because they have to eat diet food that can only be cooked at home or because they have suddenly acquired a family or partner who likes home cooked food. Others simply hate cooking because they find it time consuming and unsatisfactory when compared to tasty prepackaged meals that are ready to cook. However, home cooked food is not only tastier than pre-packaged, pre-prepared food, it is much more nutritious than frozen pre-prepared dishes that are unhealthy because of high unhealthy fat and additive contents and poor preparation methods.

Outdoor Cooking Made Better With Outdoor Cooking Thermometers

Food simply tastes differently when cooked outdoors. There is nothing like the smell of marinade and meat dripping mixing and falling on live coals (wood, or briquette, depends on the heat source of your grill).

I Picked up a Chicken on the Way Home From Work

When you are lucky enough to find an unexpected but great deal at the grocery store, the trick quickly becomes how to use it. I have some ideas for you.

We All Need Cooking Tips At Some Point

We have all been there, you grow up and at some point need to start your young adult life on your own two legs. You get you own place to stay, sleep and, of course cook so you can eat. The first time was a very strange and maybe even a scary moment.

Is Quinoa Gluten Free?

With Gluten in your diet being a top health issue for many people it is good to find a food that can help. This article discusses the question of whether quinoa is really gluten free. There is also information on 2 other forms of quinoa.

How to Cook Quinoa – Four Different Methods For Preparing Quinoa

Quinoa is fast becoming the fashion health food of the 21st century. It is very versatile in the kitchen but only a few people know anything about how to cook quinoa. This articles introduces quinoa and shows how easy it is to cook and enjoy

Quick Bacon and Usually At A Great Price

Cooking your bacon in the oven or in a frying pan? You might want to read this article for a better way to have bacon, quickly and also in a very tasty way.

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